Cold day so time to warm things up with Feijoada!

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Jan 13, 2015
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I have a self imposed rule, no Feijoada should be made unless the temps stay below 40ºƒ. Well that's not problem today here in Indiana. Set about getting things put together. While the 4# brisket is in the psi cooker for an hour & 15 minutes, I sautéd some finely chopped onions, followed by garlic, juice from a number of cans of black beans, added a copious amount of chopped sausages and finally added the defatted juiced from the pressure cooked brisket. Brought to a boil for fifteen minutes before removing the heat.

After the brisket had cooled, the fat was removed, meat cut into 3/4 cubes and added to the pot, stirred in well and let to hard simmer for 5-7 minutes. Turned off the burner and it will set for a couple of hours to let all the flavors do their thing. Dinner is later,. It will be served on rice with an oil & tabasco sauce on the side for heat as you please, plus a side dish sliced orange rounds which pair well and serve to cut very rich Brazilian dish. Actual recipe is in the sig below.

Nice! Sounds/looks delicious and perfect for a cold weather meal! I love the sliced orange side as a pairing. I've never really thought of citrus as a side, but thinking of the rich and fatty Feijoada flavors it makes perfect sense. Big points and thank you for sharing a great recipe to bookmark!
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