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Coffee Wood


Joined Dec 30, 2018
I'd love to hear from anyone who has used coffee wood. I have a buddy who is really into coffee, and we are talking about experimenting with different coffee flavors with BBQ. Maybe making a rib rub that has a little ground coffee in it, or also making an espresso BBQ sauce. Smoking with coffee wood would add another dimension.

I believe there are plenty of Kentucky Coffee trees around where I live, so I'm sure I could find some scrap wood from a lumber shop maybe. Not sure if this is the same type of wood as a traditional coffee tree, but worth the try.

And I'm not quite sure this coffee-themed BBQ will turn out to be that good either, just a fun experiment.
Good morning. I've used coffee wood to smoke thick cut bacon and it is wonderful. I've used up what I was given and would love to buy some more, but the one quote I received on this thread was for $30 for 5 lbs. of sticks. I'd love to have some, but not that much! Anyway, if you have access to coffee wood I whole-heartedly suggest you try smoking bacon! It's like eating candy!!
Joined Apr 18, 2019
Try rereading my original post. I don't want $6 a pound. But shipping a flat-rate USPS box from Hawaii to the mainland is $17.60. And that's far-and-away the cheapest option. If you go with FedEX, UPS or anything other than a flat-rate box, it's going to be CONSIDERABLY more.

I'm not actually IN Hawaii right now, so I have to pay someone to cut it for you. And then there's the fact that a farm in Hawaii isn't exactly cheap.

I'm selling coffee wood for $2 a pound. (Just like I said in my original post.) Everything else is shipping and labor.

If you would like FREE coffee wood, you are not just welcome but encouraged to fly there and stump a few coffee plants for me. I'll gladly trade out all the free wood you want for that. Just cut it at knee height and keep everything you cut.


Joined May 22, 2020
Just found this site after searching for coffee wood smoking...which I just saw on a cooking show on PBS.

I've been growing coffee - 2 plants - for several years, though my entire annual output won't last me more than a week or three. Coffee processing is *a lot* or work. Since I live in USDA Zone 8 with freezing temps in winter, the plants have to be schlepped into one of the greenhouse for winter.

Plants were ailing this fall before the transit; I didn't recognize coffee leaf rust - which is a global pandemic for coffee growers - until it was too late. Plants didn't survive the winter.... Don't know how I could get coffee leaf rust spores on the coast of Virginia.... The nearest trees are in Cuba.

Cut the wood up several weeks ago for a funeral pyre...but now I have a better use. Will report back later.


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