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CI Grilled Cheesy Italian Meatloaf & Pasta Skillets (W / Pics)

tx smoker

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There has been a ton of really cool CI stuff going around again recently and quite a lot of it has been Italian themed. I've also seen a few meatloaf threads that looked super good. Hmmm...how to combine the two? Y'all know that if there's something weird to cook, I'll try to figure it out. You also know I've done a few interesting and unique meals. This one is right at the top of the list for interesting and unique. What also worked out well is that it tasted amazing!!

Start by making the meatloaf mix. Half pound of ground pork, garlic, oregano, basil, 1 egg white, Italian bread crumbs, black pepper, salt, and green onions

Next I make up some more of the panko crusted tomatoes I did with that crazy pizza recently. Thought they'd make a great side dish

Boil the pasta, drain it, toss with my garlic EVOO and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

Add pasta to the skillets

Make large patties out of the meatloaf mix and put on top of the pasta

Add homemade marinara

A ton of fresh shredded mozz and sprinkle with parsley

Onto the grill and cover with the pizza dome

Panko crusted tomatoes on the griddle

Progress check on the skillets. Looking really good so far!!

Tomatoes all done and sitting off to the side to keep warm

Everything done. Ready to sit down and eat

Plated. This looks fantastic thus far. Now to see what it tastes like

Another one for the record books. This was one of the most outrageous meals I've done but it was also one of the best. Both of us just loved it!! The inspiration came from all the good folks here and the fusion of different things seemed viable so I decided to run with it. Glad I did!! Sorry no pic of it cut open. When I tried to get one all the cheese just kept running down and covering everything so that's all you could see. The panko tomatoes were outrageous. Tracy was not here when I did the pizzas not long ago but I thought she'd like these. That was a good (and lucky) guess on my part. She just asked that next time I use less panko. That's fine. Our friend Ray ( sawhorseray sawhorseray ) just did a similar style of dish and everybody raved about browning the cheese the way he did and I had to agree with them. His looked amazing so I decided follow Ray's lead and go a bit darker with the cheese than I typically would have. OMG!! That was nothing short of awe inspiring!! Thank you Ray.

Well this one is a wrap. Thanks again for dropping in.


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That looks fantastic, I have two CI skillets, but they are much bigger. I bet this would be a great DO meal also.


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That looks delicious Robert. And I agree about the cheese. Something about getting it browned a little is a flavor game changer. We eat fried green tomatoes all summer long. Never had a red one fried


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Another great meal Robert! Gonna have to try the tomatoes like that when ours are ready. Have to agree with the others about the cheese...sure makes the dish look awesome!



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Hot Damn! That looks so good with that cheese darkened like that. Bout time to bust out the CI pans again and have some fun again. Its Robert's and Ray's fault! Big LIKE buddy!

Smokin' in AZ

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Wow, great job on those skillets and maters my friend!

Next time I will try going a bit higher on the temp to get the browned cheese.

What temp did you use? I typically go 350.




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That’s a great looking CI dish Robert! The cheese just browned up wonderfully. I’d be scraping and eating any that was stuck to the sides too!

Excellent job my friend.


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Robert that's solid. For real. I know that CI grilled cheesy meatloaf thingy is amazing but I can't take my eyes off those tomatoes! My mouth is watering thinking about it. lol

We have really started utilizing our CI as well. Great post Roberto!


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That really looks incredible, Robert! Especially that doneness on the cheese, WOW! I love it that way on pizza, grilled cheese, or anything cheese related. Great and creative work. Enjoy and thanks for sharing.



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Awesome cook Robert ! I'll agree with the others on the nicely browned cheese! I also like the idea of the big flatened out disc of meat across the whole dish . Great ideas on this one. Very nice !


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Another wonderful CI dish Robert, absolutely love the way you assembled this one, big Like! I learned the other night on a CI effort I didn't post that browning the cheese make a tremendous difference in flavor, I'm starting to believe the type of cheese plays a huge part also. Seems most CI dishes have either a Italian or Mexican theme also Robert. I was having thoughts about using that cheese with merlot in it a béchamel shrimp CI dish. See, now that I've brought it up I can just let you think up how to pull it off, and then just copy! RAY

Steve H

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Good lord Robert! Another great cook. Question. Do you think you tomato trick would work with green tomatoes?

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