Chuck steak

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Cool. I was contemplating on trying the chuck for smoking, but wasn't sure if the results. Guess anything is better with a bit o' smoke in it.

Anything used as a rub, marinade, or injection ?
Awesome lookin results
A roast is cut thicker than a steak but I believe it's the same piece of meat. Around here most of the roasts are getting as thin as steaks used to be.
They cook alot faster here's a guide.

Chuck Roast (Sliced Rare) -225° F to 250° F -1 hour per pound 125° F internal
Chuck Roast (Sliced Medium) -225° F to 250° F -1.25 hours per pound 155° F internal
Chuck Roast (Sliced Well Done) -225° F to 250° F -1.5 hours per pound 185° F internal
Chuck Roast (Pulled) -225° F to 250° F -1.5 hours per pound 195° F internal

Here's the whole guide:

Have fun!
Hillbilly, that looks awesome. Could you please share the recipe/technique with us?

I buy and grill "chuck eyes steaks" all the time. They are fairly cheap, and when marinated and seasoned well, I enjoy them as much as a rib eye or T bone, without spending all the money of the Choice cuts.

That pulled chuck pic is makin me seriosly crazy!!

Nice job!
Really rather simple. I slather with honey mustard and apply rub. Then wrap in saran and refrig over night. I smoke the next day with hickory at a cabinet temp of 225 until it reaches 195-200 (found a little hotter is better). Then FTC with a good spritz of apple juice for several hours. I have gone from 2 hrs to 4 hrs in the foil and longer seems better. Temp maintains and it is still hot and with the longer foiling is very tender.
That is correct FTC= Foil, Towel, Cooler. Although sometimes I just foil and towel and place on my oven racks in my stove with no heat until ready to work with it.
Nice work there, 'Billy. Man, I realize few post their mistakes but I GOTTA believe there are VERY few of those among SMF regs!

Well done!

On edit: never seen this post was before I joined, and was still usually putting wood on the coals too early... I LOVE THIS PLACE!
Now ya went and done it hilbilly. Stopped in to see my butcher today(and drop off a pulled pork butt sampler). I told him I was gonna hafta smoke me a chuck roast this sat while the wolverine are beating on the buckeyes
! He walked me over to the cases of Chuck and said which one do ya want. "whoa", I said. "i am NOT smokin that whole chunk of carcass there". He just laughed and asked me how big of a chunk I wanted to try. Come to find out that Chuck steaks are on sale this week for about $ 2.69 a lb. I told him to keep an eye out for some good looking stuff about 4-5 lbs. He said he had to cut up at least 15 or more of them great big pieces into chuck steaks and chuck eyes( my favorite steak to grill for very little money), and would keep the best lookin chunk out for me to get on friday.

I can't wait, I guess them little pulled pork samplers are starting to pay off. He said he would only charge me $2.49 a lb.

My question is this, is a 5lber gonna be too big, should I ask him for a 3-1/2 or 4 instead?
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