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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by adamj812, Dec 8, 2015.

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    I just picked up a new 30" Sportsman Elite from Cabelas after having an electric one a few years ago that the element went out on then failing miserably with a propane model.

    Anyway, I seasoned the new one all up and decided to smoke a couple loins this morning.  Loaded up the chip tray as usual when preheating, put in the meat then was going to add some more chips.  When I pulled out the loader a big fireball shot out from the burning chips.  I've never had that happen before on the old one.  I had soaked half the chips I was going to add so I tossed them in and it put out the fire.  Is burning chips a common issue on these now?
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    i use a mes 30 i haven't had the chips catch fire yet !,not sure what happening with yours but maybe try closing the vent some if you've been smoking wide open,
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    Wood gas! It was building up and when you pulled out the chip tray you gave it enough oxygen to ignite. It happens when there is more than a quarter cup of chips in the tray or whatever the manual says. Wood Gas forms when wood Burns incompletely to charcoal instead of ash and the highly flamable vapors in the wood accumulate and finally ignite. Less wood chips is better. This happens to a lot of people that put in too many wet or dry chips. I have never put chips in the tray since I use the AMNPS or AMNTS with pellets.
  4. Kurt gave a great answer to your question. The best possible investment you can make at this point is an amnps or amnt. No more worrying with chips ever 20-30 minutes. An amnps will provide smoke for a solid 9-11 hours, the amnt will go 2-6 depending on which length. Don't have the link but it's
    And if you have Smoke rolling, leave the vent wide open.

    Smoke it up.
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    Get the AMNPS from Todd... that will get you past all the defects from the manufacturer.... a mail box modification will get you into the cold smoking part of smoking meat... AND the pellets will burn uniformly in the MB....

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