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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by smker, Sep 8, 2013.

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    grilled dogs with Hormel chili on it, or for any time of the year, good eats there.

    last week wal mart had the big 6 lb cans on sale for $10 a can so i got 2 of them,  im vac packing it into smaller portions,  just about every time i wanted a couple of the dogs, i would open a can and have some left over and put it  in the fridge and end up throwing it out, so smaller portions i shouldent have any left over to waist.

  2. smker

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    making almost 1 cup portions that works with 2 dogs.  im adding onions now so its ready to be be eaten later.

    ive had chili dogs from alot of different places and they dont use or make there chili verry  thick,    pet peave ? probly so but when you get a dog and all the toppings ran off the ends leaving a soggy bun. maby its just me for not like the hot dog bun soggy.

  3. Man, that looks good. Now I gotta add another thing to the shopping list. I usually like to keep a can or 3 of chili in the pantry in case i (well, wife)) don't have time to make it fresh. Don't recollect if we've had hormell before but it'll get tried today/tomorrow.
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    im still working on the first can of chili,  got a box of 20 bags  $8 and made 4 bags from each one, so far i made 11 servings plus with alot of onion in it,  

    if i load it up with ingredients i could get 5 or more servings maby ten,
  5. smker

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    Hormel chili is really strong in flavor almost like a concentrate,  to eat it alone with crackers its just to much,  ill add a can to my home made chili for a boost,  tho on a hot dog you cant beat it

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