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  1. I’ve quite a few chickens but never really done just chicken thighs so this weekend  I gave it a try. Picked up 12 thighs and started prepping them. It took me over 2 hours to prep all 12 but I can say it the last 6 went much faster then the first. Prep included removing as much fat as possible, cutting along side the bone to remove the artery and tendon. I removed the skin and scrapped all the fat off. Put a little poultry rub on the meat itself then wrapped the skin back on.

    Then tried two different rubs. One was a "Sticky Pig" I like to use with Ribs and the other was a combination of Emeril’s original and season salt. The Emeril's was a bit bland for me but the grand kids seem to like it better. 

    I used hickory and some wild cherry for the fuel. Kept the smoker going between 285 and 325. When they hit 170 internal they got a thin coating of sauce. I let the sauce set up for about 15 minutes before pulling.  I was nervous they would be a little dry since all the fat was removed but they were still very moist and good. Next time I think I won’t use any cherry, although the flavor was good it seemed to add too much of a mahogany color to the outside.  Skin was a nice bite through and was cooked on well enough that it stayed in place on each bite. I'll do this again.

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  2. kathrynn

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    yummmy!  Looking great!  [​IMG]
  3. disco

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    What an interesting way to do Chicken Thighs. I'll have to give them a try.

    May I ask, approximately how long did they take to smoke?
  4. bruno994

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    Getting ready for a comp?  That is typical KCBS comp thighs, what over 90% of the teams out there cook.
  5. jp61

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    I love chix thighs and them there look delicious![​IMG]
  6. Disco - I really didn't keep track of the time but they cooked up pretty quick, I'd guess an hour and 20 or so.
    bruno - I'd like to try a comp one day but for now I have a lot of practicing to do. The good thing is practicing is fun.
  7. humdinger

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    Thighs are the best part IMO. I have some in the freezer I may do next weekend.
  8. sgtmonte

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    Oh MAN, those look good.  [​IMG]

    I really shouldn't check these forums around lunch time.
  9. Your chicken thighs, look pretty good to me. I guess, Im running to the store and pick up some thighs to smoke this week.[​IMG]
  10. scootermagoo

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    I, personally, love the color.  They look great!
  11. nedtorious

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    Those look incredible! Really nice color!
  12. venture

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    Lookin great!

    Interesting point on thighs?

    I grew up eating whole chix.  Often slaughtered and plucked.

    Parents would never pay the "extra" for chix parts?  I will say the broth or stock from the whole birds is worth the trouble!

    Now, we often pay less for my favorite thighs than we do for the whole bird with all the waste? (unless broth or stock are in the picture)

    Go figger?  How do they sell the premium part of the bird for less?   [​IMG]

    Good luck and good smoking.
  13. flash

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    Me too. Spritz them with a mixture 50/50 of lemon juice an vegetable oil. You'll get a nice color.

    Possible your sauce was the guilty party as to the color?
  14. Did you smoke the thighs in the container ?  i have done in the container and just on the question is really for all ....which way do you you cook them and why ?

    i like to cook on the grill first then move to a foil container to add more flavor.
  15. pgsmoker64

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    Great looking thighs Culpepper!!!

    Good job!

  16. I am so going to try this next time. [​IMG]

    Thanks Flash
  17. flash

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    Works good on smoked fish also.
  18. nice set up thanks

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