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Chicken Paprikash


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Something a bit different for a Sunday.. this is a random dish I made a long time ago and for whatever reason has become my daughter's favorite dish for me to make for her.

Since I'm the weekend chef off we went.

Firs things first. Grab your favoritist (and largest) cast iron. Toss enough oil in to coat and heat it up pretty hot. Call it med-high if you like.

As your pan is heating up, set your oven to 400° so it can also preheat.

Heavily salt and pepper your desired amt of chicken parts. In my case it was 5 or so lbs of chicken thighs.

You could use legs, or quarters or boneless if you like. I would not recommend breasts though.

Give them about 6-8 mins on both sides, don't be afraid if they're a bit dark. You could probably even run a little longer if you like.


When those are done, remove them from the pan and set aside, perhaps onto a red serving tray :-P

Pour off most of the oil/fat into a coffee mug. You'll probably end up using some or all of it later.

Cut up a mess of onions. Yellow work best. Like a good lb or two of onions, more is bettah. Toss them into the cast iron and give them a good ride, 8-10 mins. I also add mushrooms, please don't tell the folks in Hungary it's just the way I like it!


Toss in a few cloves of chopped up garlic in the last few mins and when everything is all soft and good, remove from heat and add in 6tb of AP flour and a 1/2 cup of good paprika. That's something hard to find around me, but it's very important that you use good paprika for this.

This is the type I buy because it's the best available in my area.


Now, I always by a fresh tin when I make this recipe. I will use the rest of this in various other things to use the remaining paprika up, but I always open a fresh tin so that it is as fresh as possible when I make this because it is the star of the dish.

Upon adding the flower the paprika stir very very well with the onions and whatever else you've thrown into your pan. what you're looking for here is sort of a mush kind of paste. if you find that it is too dry to make a mush or a paste slowly add bits of the remaining oil back in that you poured into the coffee mug. Put this back on a lower heat for 5 or 6 minutes so that you can toast the paprika a bit and knock down some of the flour flavor.

Next step is to add about 2 cups of chicken broth. I may add another quarter or half cup depending on how I feel about it. Just don't add any more than that otherwise your sauce will be a bit on the thin side. whisk well to incorporate all ingredients into a smooth sauce in the pan.

After that, we are going to put the chicken that we cooked back into the pan. I like to give the skin side a quick dip before resting the chicken meat side down in the sauce because I like the texture that you wind up with in the end. Here is our dipped and nestled chicken in the cast iron pan headed into the oven.


Throw them into your 400° preheated oven for about 30 to 40 minutes. Depending on how done you like your chicken. I like to let it go a little bit farther so that it's easier to pull off the bones when you are eating.

Go ahead and grab a pan to boil 1 lb of extra wide egg noodles. You can use a good bit of salt and oil in your water to boil these.


Boil these as you normally would. When they are done strain through a colander and add them back into the pan that you boil them in. Mix a whole mess of butter up with the now cooked noodles and re-cover and set aside. Think buttered noodles here.

after 30 or 40 minutes in your oven go ahead and yank those chickens out of there. Now they're looking like something good...


Go ahead and remove the pieces of chicken from the pan again and set aside on the tray that you previously used unless you want to go ahead and dirty more dishes. That's up to you I suppose.

take 1 and 1/2 cups of sour cream and whisk it into your pan sauce making sure to take your spatula and get all the good bits off the sides and bottom. The resulting sauce will look like this.


I simply serve this dish with a bed of noodles however much sauce ladled on top of the noodles that you prefer and a piece or two of chicken served on top.


That's all folks :-)

This is really a quite simple one-pan dish to make and if you've never had it before I would highly recommend it. Because it's going to have a totally different taste than your other chicken dinner meals. Quite inexpensive and quick. What more can you ask!

Have a good day


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That is a really terrific looking dish. I need to give it a try. Like!


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Well done, I can see why this would be a fav at your house!


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Looks good.

When making the dish from.whole.chicken (sans breasts...i agree they dont go well in this dish) use the carcass too. It contributes greatly to the sauce, which to me is the best thing about this dish.

When i was a kid i asked my mom to make paprikash without chicken since i was not eating it anyway :-)


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Man that looks good! Looks like a good thing to try when the weather get cooler and I don't want to go outside and freeze my ass off!


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Wow! This is pretty simple dish but look awesome! Got to try it. Thanks for sharing. Like!


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Looks absolutely delicious! Big like!


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THANKS FOR POSTING. Looks great! Never seen it done like that. Around here it's a soup with dumplings. Totally trying this soon.


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I'm not going to lie, I was a little afraid to open this thread and see how you made your chicken paprikash. There are so many recipes out there that simply butcher this dish, to the point where it's no longer paprikash. You did great though, so thank you!

My Hungarian Mother in law taught me how to make this dish, since it's my husband's absolute favourite! She needed to make sure I knew how to prepare this perfectly for her precious son. lol

The only thing I do differently is that I use three types of Paprika. She brings it back from her trips to Hungary, so unfortunately I'm not able to tell you what kind they are.

Also, don't mix the sour cream into the sauce. Traditionally it's served on the side, and each person can decide how much to mix in. (I like alot, hubby likes a little)

To step it up on notch, serve it with Spaetzle instead of noodles.

Spaetzle Recipe
4 eggs
1/3 cup milk
2tsp salt
2 cups all purpose flour
1/4tsp nutmeg (Optional)

Combine all ingredients and mix well. It helps if you have a spaetzle maker (It looks sort of like a cheese grater), but if you don't... a knife and a plate will do. Drop batter into boiling water and cook for 2 minutes (They float when done)

Toss the done spaetzle in lots of butter. To kick it up a bit more, I like to ry them in a cast iron to get them a little crispy. MMMMMMmmmm!!!
I always end up doubling the recipe because mu husband is a spaetzle whore who can't keep his fingers out of the pot.

JC in GB

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Wow, quite the home style dish. Would love to sit down to that anytime. :emoji_cat::emoji_cat:

I like Poukie's suggestion to serve to sour cream on the side so each diner can tailor the dish to their taste.


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I actually prefer the sauce sans sour cream myself, but I gotta keep the rest of the clan happy :-)

Also re: the three types of paprika. This is something I would do as well if it were an option to me.

Thank you all for the likes and the well regards!

Edit: I would love to hear how this dish could be made better or even about some of these recipes you talked about that butcher this dish. I've never really looked around or seen any of those myself haha


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I actually prefer the sauce sans sour cream myself, but I gotta keep the rest of the clan happy :-)

Also re: the three types of paprika. This is something I would do as well if it were an option to me.

Thank you all for the likes and the well regards!

Edit: I would love to hear how this dish could be made better or even about some of these recipes you talked about that butcher this dish. I've never really looked around or seen any of those myself haha
The three types I use are the smoked powder kind (Which you can find at any good quality European store). The other two types are paprika pastes, one hot and one regular. I'll take a pic when i get home.

I've seen horrible recipes that use water instead of chicken stock, and canned crushed tomatoes to get that nice deep red colour. I've seen recipes with "1 Onion".... ONE onion?! And i've also seen a recipe that used "Cubed up chicken breast".
No, just no to all of that!


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I love it, thanks for posting.
And double thanks for such a nice StepXStep recipe.
It looks great!

I love it because I had a girlfriend who used to make it, and make it like this.
Haven't had any in over a decade.
Now I'm going to have to start making it too.

Did you know there are no less than eight grades of Hungarian paprika?
Graded by mild-hot, sweet or not, color and more.
My Extra Hot 'Eros' grade came the other day from Amazon, I'm excited.


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Im in! This dish is definitely saved. I need a to re-kindle my fondness for paprika. This ought to do it.

chef jimmyj

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I will give this method a try. The way I was taught has similar proportions but 4 Cups of stock. After all the browning...And was told this is mandatory...In BACON GREASE! The whole deal, sans Sour Cream, gets simmered like a Stew. I also add 2/3 of the Paprika to get started and 1/3 near the end. Gives a layered flavor to the dish.
I can see how the Dry Heat of Baking with the heavily Browned Chicken would add additional dimensions to the dish. Im just not sure 2 Cups stock and 11/2 Cups sour cream would be enough sauce for 6 adults, the way my crew slathers it on. Got to play!...Very nice work...JJ

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