Chicken jerky??

Discussion in 'Drying/Dehydrating' started by chef willie, Jan 18, 2011.

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    Just about out of my first batch of beef jerky made eariler this month in my American Harvester Christmas present. Thinking of trying some chicken jerky next and looking for some insight from you guys. I can get a bag of tenders from Costco pretty cheap and thinking they would be a perfect size for jerking. Some questions I ponder though....can the cure be mixed right into the marinade for the overnight soak? Last batch I did a 2 step process...cure overnight than in the marinade the next night then jerked it. Following advice on here I used a lower temp of 120 degrees to jerk the beef so figure the cure is a must. Any input on a marinade for chicken? Thinking of using the same marinade I did for the beef but with some more heat, like chipolte chilies in adobo mixed in. Used Alton Browns YouTube marinade on the beef...worchestershire, soy, honey, bp, onion powder, liquid smoke and red pepper flakes. Not bad, but not much heat even though I bumped up the red pepper. Thanks in advance....great forum for newbies, you guys rock
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    I have done Ground Chicken Jerky, no probs flavoring it with a dry mix when its ground. Dont know if I would use worcestershire.

    Maybe a Honey Mustard


    Lemon Pepper



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