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    Here's my take on some chicken thighs.

    It's fairly elaborate, but it's paid off for me (2nd place call a couple weeks ago and a few other trophies are in the garage).

    First step is to get a bunch of thighs (at least 10). Remove the skin from all the thighs and sort them according to size. The idea is to use the largest pieces of skin on the smallest chicken thighs.

    Second step. Trim the thighs so they are rectangular and fairly uniform in shape. Yes, you'll be trimming meat (and fat) from the thighs.

    Lastly, wrap the thighs and trim the skin.

    This bottom picture was from a test run I did at home. The thighs aren't nearly as uniform in shape or size as I want. I was mainly focusing on sauces and rubs while cooking these (toothpicks are used as reminders).

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