First cook on the LSG Pellet Grill/Smoker

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Feb 1, 2012
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Here's the first cook. Boneless chicken thighs. Ones on left were marinated in Teriyaki sauce and Frank's Red Hot sauce.
Pretty happy with the results, except another hiccup with the Fireboard Controller or my Phone.
I set the Step Program for 1 hr at 175, the 275 until IT reaches 165.
Set Probe 1 (in a thigh) to alert me when IT reaches 165.
Wife and I were doing some vacuum sealing and knew were getting close to the 165.
Last check on phone showed 162.6. Shows on on the lock screen.
Screen went dark as normal after a few seconds.
Next check was 167.8. What the heck ???
So let screen go black again as we were headed out to the LSG.
Before we got to the door, phone alerted me.
Consequently, a couple of the thinner thighs were a tad dry though.
Chicken was great, moist (most of them), and good smoke color and taste.
LSG First Cook Chicken Thighs 2023-09-21_2.jpg

LSG First Cook Chicken Thighs 2023-09-21_3.jpg

LSG First Cook Chicken Thighs 2023-09-21_4.jpg
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