Chewin' the fat with my butcher

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Smoking Fanatic
Original poster
Nov 8, 2012
Llewellyn PA aka God's Country
I went to the local butcher today for a usual order. I bought 2 delmonicos and just happened to notice that they're $9.99/lb. Not bad but more than the last time. I asked and he told me this coming year will be a disaster. The beef stock is at a 63 year low across the country. I asked what that translates to? The farmers are at about a 20-cent/lb increase, by the time it gets through everyone else it's an 80-cent/lb on average spike in prices.

Not a killer on a single purchase but problematic in the long run. My poor local guy is getting his margin crushed because he tries not to pass along the full increase.

Support your local farms and butchers!
yep..... ya know walmart and the other big guys have plenty of under ware and vacuum cleaners to hide the price increases in  and look like they are helping "Give Back" to us average workin Joes.


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