Cherry wood a little aggressive for cheese? Mine was pretty smokey...

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Dec 6, 2010
After doing some smoking with cherry wood, I am not sure I really like the flavor of it.  Just a little off for me maybe.  Is there a sweeter or lighter wood that would go better with cheese and poultry?  I ran extra sharp cheddar and colby and then did a little test with cream cheese. 

I am running about 60-80F.  I put 1:20 on the firm blocks of cheese and 30 min on the cream cheese.  I think it is the actual smoke flavor that does not excite me... 

Right now I am smoking 2 chicken breasts and will probably feel the same with them....  No problem infusing smoke flavor, just ned to find the right wood...
I also like either Cherry or Apple...just depends on the amount of smoke. Plus I always like the cheese a while after I've smoked it. Right away gets a bitter smoke taste to me, so I vac seal it and try, try, try to wait a couple weeks until I dip into it. Helps to do a batch, then wait a week and do another batch, I always had cheese that was "aged" the way I liked it and when I craved it I could eat it.

Good luck and if you really dont like the taste - give it away, someone will like it!
Let it rest for two weeks to Mellow. The strong taste will absorb towards the middle and become Super Cheese! I have some almost a year old and it's just getting prime.
Is cherry wood a good selection for cheese?  Just seemed to not have that sweeter flavor I remember in some stuff I had before.  Would apple be a sweeter wood? If I wanted sweeter, what would I be looking for? is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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