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  1. Im going to build a CHEAP wifi, one that actually connects to the internet(not bluetooth! could easily convert to a 3G board but data costs 1.99/month ) multiple probe thermometer that uses up to ~6 thermocouples and arduino.

    Without further adoo, heres what I got so far for prices:

    Arduino wifi board $20

    arduino to thermocouple board $8/piece 

    thermocouple $2.93 from china

    power cord (usb) $3.00

    box to hold it <$5.00

    programming so you can see the temps/alerts phone anywhere your

    phone is connected to the internet thru wifi or 3g-free! thats gonna be the fun part.

    Total for 2 probes : ~$50 bux.

    Anybody try this yet? I see a few arduino threads, but not really much to them as far as i can tell

    Anybody have any ideas for things i may need to do or change? Is there anything like this on the market for this price range?

    Would 2-5C be accurate enough (thats about the limit with cheaper thermocouples) otherwise I would have to use thermistors

    and put them into a probe.. or just buy maverick probes for ~$10 which would make the total around ~$65-70.

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    4 probe tappecue - $200
  3. Right.. I saw the tappacue.. and its 200 bux.

    I'm gonna do it for 50 or so for 2 probes, probably add 20 for another probe..

    kind of a fun project for me.. and it would be able to be 3G pretty easily.
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