Char griller smoking pro - low temps

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Original poster
Nov 27, 2016
I have done some of the mods that people have recommended such as charcoal basket,cook chamber seals. Lowered smoke stack to grill height, dual temp gauges at grill height, flipped over charcoal tray in cook chamber as baffle. I have used both lump and charcoal brickets. I live North of Boston and temp have been in the 40's. I can't figure this out. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
Welcome to the forum!  Low temps....not enough fuel, not enough air.  That's about it.  If you have enough fuel, then you need more air.  Once the fire is raging, ya gotta figure out how to control it.  

Thanks guys, I have used plenty of lump charcoal. I even pull the ash door you to a little for better air flow. Can the charcoal tray in the cook chamber, cause lower temps and restrict air? My fuel always seems to be smothering out.
Something is restricting airflow.  I'm not familiar with your smoker, but your fuel shouldn't be smothering out.  

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