Char-griller pro Deluxe without fire box

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by linecook81, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, 

         I am looking to get a firebox to attach to my char-griller pro I have the model that doesn't come with it. Has anyone ever did a mod to one of there? I called the customer support for CG and they said it can be done with some modification but there is no specific direct fir model. Or does anyone have a better Idea to help out cause every time I have to add wood or lump I have to open the lid and lose heat and longer cook times. Thanks and Smoke on. 
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    Are you able to fabricate a FB? Maybe I'm taking for granted the fact that I have the tools available to fabricate what I need but if it were me I would build a FB. I would just use the demensions of the unit you have to figure out how big of a fire box is needed (as well and the # and size of openings) and go from there. if you use Dave's calculator you may end up with something better than what you could get from CG. just my $.02
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  4. Blacktop I wish I could do a custom FB but I don't have to tools and living in an apartment in Chicago makes it tougher. Bruno it has spot welds around the opening I should be able to gut punch those out? 
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    Line, you should be able to.  Says it's compatible with model 2121 which is the Chargriller Super Pro.  Nothing a drill and some fresh bits won't take care of.  Any gaps or holes can be filled in with high temp silicone (RTV).
  6. Cool thanks
  7. I'll be watching


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