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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by mrholmquist, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. mrholmquist

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    Just found this forum and looks like I will be busy reading for a long time. Question for today ...

    Just got my first char-griller smokin pro and was wondering the purpose of the supplied cooking grills in the sfb. Shouldn't all the smoking be done in the main unit and the sfb just to build fire?

    Sorry if this has been addressed previously I am so excited about learing to smoke I have not researched the forum completely
  2. Welcome to the SMF. I don't have a CGSP but I the think the idea is you can actually use the SFB as a small grill for cooking burgers, steaks etc. over high heat. Not sure if anyone actually uses it for this though. Hope this helped.

  3. I'm not familiar with it, but I know some of the units with a sfb have a cooking grill over it for direct heat cooking/grilling...

    will let those more familiar with it correct me tho... LOL
  4. smokinrob

    smokinrob Newbie

    Those just give you the option of using the sfb as a grill..... I haven't used them at all.... could be nice if you needed the extra space. Congrats on the new smoker, i've been very happy with mine.
  5. ibsmoking

    ibsmoking Smoke Blower

    I have used mine from time to time, great if you want to crisp up chicken after you have smoked it.
  6. smokinrob

    smokinrob Newbie

    Good point on the chicken. I should have said I rarely use them... I did use them put some grill marks on a tri-tip prior to smoking. So they can be useful when you're smoking too.
  7. I've never used it but it's for direct grilling.

  8. mrholmquist

    mrholmquist Newbie


    Thanks for all the quick responses , this clears it up for me. Thanks also for the welcome I can see I will be spending a lot of time learning here[​IMG]
  9. ncdodave

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    They are supposed to be used for those small direst grilling meals. I cut mine down a little so i had a heavy charcoal grate above the ash tray. I haven't had the 2 welded together yet but they work nicely to keep the ash and coals from smoothering and at a higherlevil so i can remove the ash tray without removing the hot coals, thus loosing my temps.
  10. bustedluckbarbq

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    As stated before it is used for direct grilling. It can also be used to sear something!!
    My char griller and Bar-B-chef both have them....
    I modified the height of them and use them to hold my charcoal basket....

    leave enough room for ash to fall thru and still have good airflow....

    In the char griller you can slide the "drawer" out - clean out the ash and not disturb the fire/coals....

    Check out the sticky on char griller mods... They will surely help maintain temps better...
  11. big smoke

    big smoke Newbie

    Welcome to the site. Lots of good info including some links to mods people have done to the CGSP anlong with pictures. Besure to check them out.
  12. mrholmquist

    mrholmquist Newbie

    Thanks again for the advice. It sounds to me from the reading I've done so far the thing to do would be to make a fire basket for the sfb the correct size so I could remove the grills and sit it on the existing ledge that the grills used. Build my fire in the basket and empty the ashes through the drawer as needed. then if I wanted to use the grills I would not need to clean or re season them, just stick them in
    I see a lot of reference to turning over the coal grill in the main unit to even out temps and also lower the stack height. I like the idea of inserting rolled up sheet metal into the stack as it would seem a quick and easy way to mod the smokestack and could be removed at any time if it was in the way like maybe when I was grilling.
  13. 3" aluminum dryer duct tubing works good. (thick aluminum about 8 bucks at lowe's - not the cheap $3 wallymart stuff lol).

    hope it helps

  14. welcome to SMF I have a cgpro & love it. do a search on SMF for char griller mods you will get lots of info & pics that are really helpfull I did mods to mine works great. have fun be patient when smoking I'm still learning this . [​IMG]

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