Char griller mods: bricks as tuning plates

Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by dadwith4daughters, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Bought my second Char griller so I thought I'd take some shots of how I tuned my other one. Had some bricks left over from a paving job and had this idea. It works pretty it to within 8 degrees right to left. Looking for something under 5 degrees tho, so will keep trying. It's very flexible as you just need to move the pavers around until you get the right heat in each area.

    I took the existing charcoal grate and flipped it over. It's the exact shape of the opening from the SFB.

    I've got about a 1" gap between the SFB wall and the charcoal grate.
    The next image is my charcoal basket I picked up at Lowes for $7. Fits perfect in the SFB and kept those coals moving. They sell it as a barbecue wok for vegetables I think.
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    Looks good !!! How many smokes have those pavers been thru ? Any cracking showing up yet ? Bet all that mass helps keep the heat more even .
  3. These are new bricks, for a new grill. My other Chargriller did just fine. Had one brick crack. Have been using the same bricks for at least 6 months. Bought this 2nd grill for my upcoming July 4th smoke. 45lbs of butt, 45 lbs of pulled chicken. Q-view coming for sure.

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