Char-Griller Akorn Possible Damage?

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Feb 21, 2017
Hey yall!

Brand new to smoking, but just picked one of these up based on reviews and price, and also the versatility of also being used as a grill/pizza cooker. However, upon opening the box, I noticed what looks like some slight damage, and I want to ensure that this isn't going to cause issues with cooking. Or, is this pretty normal for these cookers? Aesthetically, I couldn't care less, however, if its going to cause issues sealing and/or holding temps, thats where I will have a problem. Best I can tell, where the inner liner folds over and is secured, is not perfectly flat, and some paint is sort of chipped in that spot. This is at 3 rivets/screws around the base. The lid and the "ash tray" look good and I don't see any other damage. The packaging was damaged slightly on one corner, though I can't foresee how that would have cause this.

Figured i'd do a quick check before starting the assembly process.

Look forward to hopefully learning a thing or two from the pros around here. The food yall post is what gave me the bug, that, and I love pulled pork.

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Morning....  I would remove the screw, place a piece of wood under the screw hole and gently tap the metal ring to re-form it in the correct position so it functions normally...   After a few cooks, it won't be noticeable..    A lot easier than returning it.... 

You might contact them for a partial "rebate" on accepting a defective item...   worth a try... 
Like Dave said, it depends on how local the store where you bought/ordered it from is. I like the partial discount option, but that does appear to be fixable.  Point is, you paid for a non-defective unit and unless they want to make good on selling you a defective unit, you have not received what you paid for.

But if it's too much of a hassle to return it, you can fix it (but should not have to).   Also double check for other hidden damage, cracks, etc....
That black finish looks like a nice thick porcelain glass like coating

Gonna start to get ugly w rust quickly.

Bring back, have them replace it.

Or flatten down as suggested above, and live w it.

But will be a constant source of growing ugliness.

I will add, I do not know where on the smoker that spot is, if it's like totally open to view like on top edge where a cover sits, or if something conceals it during assembly.

I did look at Web photos, and it looks like the exposed top lip the lid seats on, yes?

But either way, gonna be a cancer starting point seems to me.

And it's bruised and chipped in two separate spots ??

Dang, needs to be replaced.

Totally unacceptable to me,  to most I would think.

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