Certified Piedmontese 103 Primal

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Jun 1, 2008
tx smoker tx smoker was kind enough to talk to the folks at www.piedmontese.com and they kindly sent out this 103 Primal for us to use.

I have seen alot about Piedmontese on the forum from TX Smoker but didn't know a ton about them. If you didn't know Piedmontese is a breed of cow from Italy. Its interesting to learn about how this breed came to be in the US. They sent a book that had their story but if you want you can go to OUR STORY to read the whole story about this beef.

Here is the primal still in its wrapper. Its hard to see but the bone sections has a ton of meat on it. Its not like what you get in the store where they have trimmed it down and the ribs are kinda crap.


Here is the Rib Roast, a strip of fat with some meat on it and the rib section. The rib is in the back of the picture but because there is so much meat on it you have a hard time telling it apart. I seasoned with a light coat of Montreal Steak Seasoning.


It smoked at 250° for about 2.5hrs with pecan wood. I pulled it at 135° IT. It was a few degrees higher than I wanted as it cooked quicker than expected.

Here is the roast resting


I let it rest about 30-45 minutes before slicing.

Here it is all sliced up.


It was very tender and had a great beef flavor. What I noticed different about it was the texture of the meat all the way thru to the center was a tad more tender then most of what I get in the stores. Also when I was trimming and removing the ribsI noticed that the amount of extra fat(the stuff you cut off that has no use) was very minimal. On most rib roast you get you have some level of trimming to do but there was almost none needed on this guys.

When eating it It was so tender that I didn't have to use a knife. To be honest I ate it caveman style with just my fingers.

In the end it was a very good piece of meat. I imagine if I would have cut it into steaks they would have been great as well.

Again thank you to the folks at Piedmontese.com for the very generous donation. We truly appreciate it and enjoyed it

If you have the ability to try this out its definitely worth having atleast 1 time.

Sorry for not getting more pictures of this.
Look’s stupendous! What a generous donation. I’m glad it was enjoyed by a wonderful group of people. Did you cook it on the Lang? Seeing the second slide out Handle makes me think so.
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It was very tender and had a great beef flavor.
What an excellent gift!! I have been fortunate enough to have had CPB tri-tip and T-Bones courtesy of tx smoker tx smoker Robert and the flavor and tenderness is way different than anything I've had from a grocery store. I can certainly believe that the rib would be the same...
Now I'm jealous. It would be worth the plane fair for some of that.

Point for sure
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Robert has gifted me some of this also. And you are right.....It is far and above what you get in the grocery store.
Great looking cook on it also. And when the meat is that good you eat it any way you like!

Looks delicious! Did anyone get a picture of you eating it caveman style?

They were too busy eating.

Nice cook on the primal Brian. Are you going to be ordering in the future?
What's in store for the December gathering?

There are some items im looking at on their site but this is a bit more expensive then we can afford on the normal.

As for S Fl that is a question for Doug and Keith
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