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Carp for dinner


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Never eaten carp in my life, but about 8-9 years ago I worked with a guy born and raised in Nebraska. He told me he grew up eating fried carp sandwiches and was always looking forward to the next one.


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...and I find more often than not, people making comments like the last two have either 1 - have never eaten carp and know nothing about carp, 2 - eaten carp from someone who did not know how to properly prepare it, or 3 - what they ate came out of a muddy lake, river or pond. Them there is 4 - but that would not be nice to say on a family forum. So....... :p
Another point to make is, I have never seen carp on any menu at any restaurant I have ever been to, or for sale at any store I have ever been to.

When I was a kid we would fish for carp just to see if we could land them. We caught lots of them, notched the tail so we knew how many times we caught them, and threw them back. I never knew of a person who actually ate them.

I think it is great that you like them, found a way to eat them, I doubt I could, even if server at a 5 star restaurant.


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Nefarious Thanks for the like I appreciate it.

I can't get past the Hindy hold look for a mouth.



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When I was a kid we would fish for carp just to see if we could land them.
I also did a lot of carp fishing when I was a kid. They put up one hell of a fight and were fun to catch, but I didn't eat them either. We just tossed them back in the water.

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They look exactly like their name. Bottom feeders. The meat is white, firm and flaky with lots of bones. Most people don't eat them and use them for bait for other fish. We used to go to this bridge over a small creek around midnight and lower a big net down. But I'm getting to old to dip now. Some guys smoke them but most grind them up to make patties. Grinding them up and you don't have to worry about the bones. Very tasty. Just goes to show you can eat just about anything no matter how ugly it is.
Spearing them used to be a big thing around here, but illegal now.


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Caught a lot of carp this holidays. Ended up smoking and making dip out of it to have with crackers or on toasted rye, ingredients below:

200g smoked carp deboned and chopped
250g cream cheese at room temperature
2 tablespoons Aioli
1 medium red onion, diced
270g jar slice Jalapenos, diced
8 pickled cucumbers (polski ogorki - Krakus brand or Westmont pickles dill sour flavour), diced
1 teaspoon Tabasco Habanero
1 teaspoon Worstershire sauce
2 teaspoons salt
I love smoked fish dips. I’ll bet this is good. Like others when I was a kid I fished for carp a lot because the were huge, easy and fun to catch. The one pond loaded with the I fished was owned by a little old lady. She would always have us bring her a small one to bake. It was excellent. I’ve also had smoked carp and it’s tasty for sure.


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While I've never eaten any carp either it's considered a delicacy in much of Europe. They have carp fishing tournaments too boot! It's my understanding they have carp catching discussions like we do bass, walleye, and trout. There's also many recipes for them.

BTW, if y'all are going to go by how a fish looks to decide if you want it to eat it's a good thing most of ya have never seen some of the salt water fish consumed in the world.

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