Can't look a gift horse in the mouth , but.....

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by hambone1950, Jul 1, 2014.

  1. hambone1950

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    A buddy at work heard that I am a smoker and offered me his old charbroil ....long story short , it's in my back yard and it's a little clunky....but he maintains that it's a good steady 250 degree smoker. We shall see! :sausage:

    A little rusty but the vents still move....I think the first thing I'll do after I bend the door to fit make an expanded metal charcoal box for inside the fire box....
    I think I'll be needing lots of advice as I learn to cook on this puppy!
  2. smokerjim

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    i used one for a couple years until the wife got me an electric this year, i still use it now and then,although it takes up more of my time when smoking "just have to watch it more then the electric" for some reason i think i get better flavor from the charbroil."probably in my head" i found to get a steady temp if i use charcoal for heat and just throw a log on top for smoke it works better then trying to just use logs. you'll just have to experiment with how much charcoal you'll need for the temp. you want. with mine i can get just about any temp. i want by adjusting amount of charcoal. good luck
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  3. Just some advice...get yourself some new thermometers. Do not trust that thing sitting on top. You can buy an digital with probes, or mount some new ones just above the cooking grate. Good Luck!!!!

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  4. hambone1950

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    I think that's my first move. thanks.
  5. bob1961

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    look at "dropping the firebox" thread and what I'm doing to my char broil to convert it to a RF Thumbs Up ....

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