Calling all fishing enthusiasts

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Jan 1, 2006
I wish to sit beneath the tree of knowledge! My son is 11 and is really into fishing this year. (at least for the first 10 minutes then he is skipping rocks).

I am wondering if there is a good fishing website sort of like this one. You know, good people with great advice who aren't going to flame a worm drowner like me for asking what the difference is between a lure and a bobber.

Thanks all!

i'd like to know of one too, i love fishin but the only thing i ever catch is a solid buzz!

Hay man no bad reply here, i love fishing myself and smoking the fish i get,

But i know the spot your in here, you need a small pond with some active pan fish like bluegile or crappy, the pan fish eat up the bait and make fishing for youngsters better, with kid fishing you need a pan fish pond to keep them interested in fishing, bass fishing will bore the hell out of a kid.
I have one for saltwater fishing with a small area for fresh but it's mostly Gulf Coast. But I'm sure they can send you somewhere. That place is about like this place. Everyone is willing to help each other out. You gotta love that. the site is : .......well maybe I should wait till someone chimes in on if it's OK to post a link to another site even thoug it is a different subject. Not sure how all of this works just yet. But you can PM and I can send it.
Wish I could help but all my sites are Great Lakes or West Coast.The other one that has inland is a lot of arguing and fighting but if you get past that there are some good folks,you just have to look past the flamers.If you want that site PM me and I will give you the link.
Try these sites and look for them on your satellite or cable system....

If your son is bored easy - get him set up with a basic fly fishing rig and go after some crappie or bluegills or even a bass for a whole new experience...

Good Luck and keep your patience......the time you spend with your son on the water is more valuable than you can imagine.

Just for fun you might want to try a pay lake or try a guided trip. You are almost guarenteed a good time and all the fish you want. Look around for an outdoor activity club like Scouting or one of the church related organizations.

I really don't like fishing, but I do love catching! I have never been a big time fisherman and I am always the one that is the rookie, but having somebody along that knows the ropes makes it a whole lot more fun!

For deep sea fishing start out slow with maybe a half day charter. A good skipper will put you on the fish and half a days worth of catching is hard work and ALOT of fish!

There are also lake charters, again start out slow with only a couple of hours or half a day.

Trout guides and overnighters and pack trains and all sorts of other adventures are out there.

If it is about spending time with your kids, it is a good thing.
i do know salina,ks is awesome for big bass....trophy fish... i could show you saltwater tricks, there's catfish there too. a simple trick you will never find anywhere.. a 10 bag of catfood, find birds pooping over trees- cast into it & chum w/ catfood- gets ya trophy/record catfish everytime ... i'll lay my bbq pit on it.
i don't go "fishin'"- i go catchin'- the mouth is where the money is....
I can't add to the many great sites already listed, but I can tell you what will bug his eyes out and peak his interest big time... a fly-in fishing trip to Canada! Nothing like the great outdoors, Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike, big ol' Lake Trout... and the trips are reasonably priced to boot!

I have done several of these and I am itching to do it again!
I would suggest your state game and fish department!
They may have a youth fishing program, and fishing days! You should take advantage of the fees they charge you and use their wealth of information!
Also a great start is this program!

Its great you want to get the kids out there!
I wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't for my father!!!

Thanks everyone for the great tips! I do have to share this "fish" story with you all though.

I took my son to a small lake in a park here in Topeka. Westlake in Gage Park for those familiar with the area. I put a fake worm with a spinner on the line with two sinkers to drop it to the bottom. The lake is very high and murky due to the daily rains we have had for the past two months. I cast the thing out and the line started to move before I even had a chance to set the reel! I threw the rod to my son and let him haul in his first big bass! I would put the thing in the 2 to 3 pound range. It put up a good fight which only got his motor running! Later he hauled in a striped bass. Daddy got nothing all day but a sunburn! But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thanks again for the tips. You guys are the best! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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