cajun ptime rib recipe

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  1. Hi all looking for a cajun prime rib recipe for smoking a prime rib roast in an mes30...most of ft he store bought rubs ive trief are way too salty.
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    Look up a recipe for blackening seasoning. Adjust the salt content as necessary. The primary flavors in the blackening spice I use are thyme, garlic, onion, black pepper and cayenne. I usually mix mine without salt and salt the meat before applying the spice.
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  3. mdboatbum

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    Tony Chachery (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) also makes a salt free Cajun seasoning.
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    Jeff's rub is not heavy on salt and I enjoy it on beef.
  5. You can mix up a batch of Emeril's Essence yourself and make as salty or not salty as you want.  I always try to have some on hand.
  6. thanks to all!

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