Cajun Green Onion Sausage?

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  1. Anyone got a good recipe for Cajun Green Onion Sausage?

    Thanks!!! :biggrin:

  2. diesel

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    Umm..  Can't wait!
  3. Thanks, yeah, I found that one earlier.
    I was hoping that someone here would have some input.

  4. Yes, thanks, I also found the following in Paul Kirk's book, "Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue."






  5. I like the idea of the added green garlic in the Besh recipe.

  6. Does sound good! Maybe tweak the two? I've done things like that to get the taste I want. I found it by searching New Orleans Cajun Green Onion Sausage
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  7. I'll likely create something of my own if someone doesn't chime-in with a favorite.

  8. nepas

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    7 lbs lean meat

    1.5 lbs pork butt

    1.5 lbs pork fat

    4 T salt

    4 T fresh chopped parsley

    3 T course black pepper

    1 T onion powder

    1 T marjoram

    4 minced garlic cloves

    3 cups green onions, chopped

    1 cup NFPM

    1 cup cold water

    hog casings

    For creole style add the following

    2 T paprika

    2 T crushed red pepper

    1 t cayenne

    1/2 t thyme

    1/2 t allspice

    1/2 t rubbed sage


    Reduce the parsley to 1/2 cup and the black pepper to 2 T

    grind meats if needed. Mix ingredients with meat until mixed well. careful not to over work the fat in the meat. Stuff your normal way, grill, bake, fry, broil.
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    And there you have it....[​IMG]
  10. I've never even heard of this sausage before but I will definitely be playing around with this recipe.  Am I correct in assuming that this is a fresh sausage? 
  11. They make it both fresh and smoked.

    Thanks for the recipe nepas!

  12. nepas

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    Yes this is fresh sausage. you can smoke if you add cure.
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  13. Is that supposed to be increase the parsley to 1/2 cup?
  14. What is NFPM?
  15. Non-Fat Powdered Milk

  16. thanks.
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    A college buddy introduced me to this stuff years ago.  He would bring it back for New Orleans when he went home to visit.  I am just getting into stuffing my own sausage and thought I would see if there were any recipes out there........ and I'll be darn it - it's here at SMF!

    Which recipe did you end up with?
  18. I've had some made in Nola, great sausage!

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