Butcher Pics for the UK /US Packer Cut Brisket

Discussion in 'UK Smokers' started by kiska95, Aug 5, 2015.

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    Hi Guys

    Sorry about my previous post and pictures that needed download on NE Butcher Convert as it doesn't enthuse when you have to Faff about downloading..... but here they are

     This is as it came off the hook 16 KG brisket on the bone

    James Baxter from Open all hours (David Jason new series) checking the briskets other side for a fat cap

    The spine bone coming out

    Spine bone out

    Boning out the "African Ribs"

    The finished product

    Top side with very little trimming Flat and Point intact


    The Plate Ribs which is the same as what was used at the 2015 SMF weekend

    "African Ribs"

    The 3 cuts with very little trimming needed half a kilo at most

    Vac packed and ready to go home and all ready for the smoker no further trimming needed. So for £65 you get all of this prepared in the same way with half a kilo of fat removed. T & G take note

    The T & G Packer cut at 6.26KG for £50 plus delivery! Work it out boys!!!!!!
  2. bravemurphy

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    Hi new to the forum but been looking for a long while.

    So am I correct thinking all that meat in the box plus the ribs for £50?

    If so how much would delivery be?

    And I want one please [​IMG]
  3. Brilliant Brian.

    Thanks for your time looking into this. Appreciated.
  4. kiska95

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    Thanks for the help Mate[​IMG]
  5. Hello Brian.  Good thread.  Thanks for posting.  Keep Smokin!


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