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Jan 18, 2020
Western Colorado
Not sure if any others shop at Butcher & Packer but their site is all messed up. I find the product item I want click “add to cart” and am redirected to the sign in page. No problem, I have an account. Fill that out and click enter and I’m redirected to the item page and it’s a viscous circle. The site is in-useable. I’ve tried from multiple devices and all the same circle jerk.

So anyway, I had a fairly large order to make so I went to Walton’s, no problems there and they are only one state away from me so shipping was 2 days. Plus they had everything I needed. Never used Excalibur seasonings before but have read where many do and really like them, so I bought some Kielbasa seasoning to try as well as a cotto salami. The kielbasa is tasty but is more flavor of a bratwurst than traditional polish but still pretty good. I usually always mix my own but I try out the competition from time to time just to keep up.



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Nov 9, 2019
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Dang computers anyway! But yes...can be frustrating!

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