Burning Charcoal in GOSM widebody

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by zoomer, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. zoomer

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    I love this smokers it's got all the shelves I need and ample room.

    Would it be possible to burn charcoal in this unit maybe install a charcoal tray in the bottom ???

    Anyone who owns one can help I would appreciate it !!


  2. starsfaninco

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    It's very possible, however, they make a charcoal version of the GOSM. It might be a better idea to just buy it.
  3. minn.bill

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    why couldnt you just throw some charcole in the wood tray ,i do it all the time in my smv.[​IMG]
  4. zoomer

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    I saw that smoker but it is much smaller than the widebody.
  5. dutch

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    You could always do what I did . . . Add a SFB to it and find a large round cake pan (turned upside down) to cover over the propane burner if you don't use propane to assist with maintaining the chamber temps.

    If you don't cover the burner when using just charcoal only, outside air will enter up through the bottom burner open and mess with your temps.

    Another solution would be to remove the drip pan, lay some heavy duty aluminum foil over the burner opening and replace the drip pan to hold the aluminum foil in place. This is what I did until I found the round cake pan.

    Here is the link about adding the SFB to my GOSM.

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