building a smoker question w/refer

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Feb 18, 2007
I have pretty much completed converting this very old refrigerator into a smoker. I want to share what i did and get some advise neg or positive. My refer is all metal and pretty small the box(inside measurements) is 20 inches wide, 13 inches deep and about 40 inches tall. i have a vent on top thst a metal duct that opens and closes 4"x6", i have air inlet at the bottom 2"x6". my heat source is a small bbq grill gas element, i punched a hole on the side of the refer big enough to slide the smaller part of the gas element so that the control is outside the box and the element is setting inside resting on the bottom of the box I tested it last night and its easy to control the heat and with a pie pan i put chips and covered with foil and poked a few holes in it. the test was good alot of smoke, any thots?
Pictures!!! Everyone will want to see pictures of your mods...Sounds good to me, there are some out there that have built their own fridge smokers that I'm sure will be able to comment better. One thing I've figured out reading about their boxes is that I think you have to name them when you build them yourself!!
Have you tested your temps and how high and more importantely how low they run??
Welcome stiffyman -

That sounds like some specialized fridgerator only 13" deep? Sounds like it's working well. I don't have any experiance with these things either but someone will come along shorty. You should introduce yourself so we can give you a probper welcome. You'vethe right place to learn about smokers and smoking.

Have you signed up et for the 5 day smoking course? It's well worth the time.
Good evening, I have not done the 5 day smoking coarse yet but i will. Ive been hooked on meat smoking for a couple of years winging things as ive tried, from what ive seen on this site there are alot more folks addicted to this hobby like me. this is right up my alley, thanks for the suggestion i have seen your name in many forums.
Stiffyman, Cheech and Cajun 1 are our resident fridge smokers (if I forgot someone I'm sorry), I'm sure they will be along soon.

Welcome to the SMF.
Good morning all, my best research on my refer box concludes its probably about 1930-1949 westinghouse, i will get some pictures as soon as i can get my son to help me load onto the computor, its such a nice box im trying not to make the penetrations obvious, like instead of a hooded type vent on top, i cut an opening on the top/side for a louvered vent, the air inlet is at the bottom under the large kickplate, so you cannot see it, i am concerned about asbestos as i make my penetrations in the box. the box is well insulated, im excited can you tell, im in the process of painting it, more later
ps i was not able to see any links to view your pictures would likt to tho
I saw that also..I will download the pics again as soon as I locate them. Mine is a GE and the one in the garage is a Westinghouse. I know when I drilled mine, it was insulated with fiberglass insulation.
When I first read the title of this thread, I thought stiffyman was asking us how to smoke pot...

Welcome to the boards and post some pics of your creation!
stiffyman, the missing pics are of the 2 fridges sitting side by side, with close up's of the freezer compartments still having ice on them. The decision was made to use the GE for the smoker and the Westinghouse went into the garage to be used as a brine fridge during the warmer weather. The other pics were of the GE completely stripped of all working components. The rest of the pics you can see on the link as to the holes drilled for the vent and the vent mounted. That is the update on the pics, but there will be more in the future.
My first big smoker was an old frig, the only difference was, I used an electric hot pad for my heat source. It worked great and lasted years. After a couple of smokings, the inside of the frig was covered with a nice coating. Be sure not to remove this. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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