Buckwheat as a cover crop.....not germinating!!!

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  1. Does anyone have any experience using buckwheat as a cover crop.I am having trouble germinating my buckwheat seeds only a few will germinate out of a hand full. 

    if anyone has advice please help thank you
  2. How deep are you planting it?

    How long has it been planted?

    How old is the seed?
    Buckwheat losses viability relatively quickly,

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    I have used Buckwheat as a cover crop...

    Did you roll the ground to get good seed contact... water twice a day... like Martin said... new crop seed....

    Seedbed preparation
    Since the buckwheat plant has a fine root system, preparing a good seedbed is time well invested. The seedbed should be firm to obtain uniform establishment, rapid plant growth, uptake of essential nutrients, to reduce drought injury, and to lessen lodging. Avoid sowing in wet soil because it usually turns out very hard before the root has a chance to grow

    Buckwheat should be sown with a grain drill at a depth of 1/2 to 1 inch. Seeding deeper than 1 1/2 inches will usually lead to poor and uneven stands. Drilling the seed will produce an even and uniform stand. If a drill is not available, a crop can be obtained by broadcasting the seed at double the usual seeding rate, followed by cultipacking.

    The seed should be sown at 40-55 lb/ac. Larger plants will grow on good land, so the lower rate can be used. Higher rates are needed if plant growth is likely to be slow (e.g. if the soil is cold, wet, or poorly prepared at sowing). Large-seeded varieties require slightly higher rates than "common" seed because there are fewer seeds per pound. These seeding rates are based on 85% germination. Germination can decline quickly in common storage, so a germination test is worthwhile if the seed is not from the most recent harvest.
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  4. I purchased these seeds about a couple of moths ago I prepared the ground with compost and mix it in with a garden hoe. I broad casted the seeds, I couldn't tell how much I used  for 8ft by 10ft bed after broadcasting I raked them in. Does buckwheat germinate well in hot weather? I'm not sure i understood the last part of your post so some varieties need more seeds per area to germinate? and how do i perform a germination test? What is cultipacking?
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    Cultipacking..... pack the dirt HARD over the seeds.... walk on it.... keep it moist....
  6. Buckwheat doesn't like a lot of heat, that's likely your problem.

  7. Can anyone suggest a good cover crop that does well in hot dry weather?
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  9. thanks Dave those were some great links 
  10. The Sunn hemp sounds great but it is hemp AKA pot, weed, Mary Jan. It is still illegal to grow right?
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    It is sold and used as a cover crop a friend has some he has allowed to flower and his bees are working it hard. The University of Florida uses it as a cover crop quite a bit.

  12. Completely different species, not even close to being the same thing.


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