Bucket list: Circus Circus Steak House

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Dive Bar Casanova

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Sep 3, 2021
The biggest dump of a casino in Las Vegas is Circus Circus.
It's a beat up, broken giant ash tray of a building with a slot machine.
But for decades it's had a renown Steak House restaurant with free parking.
I've never dined at a high end steakhouse.

We're in Vegas last week so my wife can get Grandma (who lives there to avoid taxes) dialed in with a new set of doctors.

115F outside and we RV camp just outside of Vegas in the desert above a dry lake.
Labor day week hotels are booked, over priced, don't allow big dogs, $25+ a day to park, fees on top of fees,,, so what the hey camp in the desert.
Our RV triple A/C handles it no problem.
We don't gamble and wife has never drank booze so we're not missing out on anything.

One of our kids joined us, so while mom was dealing with Grandma Axehandle we went to get a steak.
Why not Circus Circus that I've been reading about all these years.
Twice the price of what we expected and half the quality. The manager looked like a soup sandwich in his old wrinkled suit but the 3 turquoise rings on every finger set that off pretty good.
Check that off the list and never look back.

So next day I rolled out the UTV/SXS and we headed across the desert to the Goodsprings Pioneer Saloon.
Known for the place actor Clark Gable sat at the bar waiting for rescue crews to bring down the remains of his wife actress Carol Lombard from a plane wreck in the mountains above the saloon.
His cigarette burns are still on the bar.


New owners had just this last week taken over and shut down the Saloons Steakhouse. So we ate Burgers instead. Another expensive mistake.
By all means check this place out in route to Vegas, but skip the food.

We gathered up all the junk and trash that past inconsiderate campers left behind and we fed the dumpster we passed along the highway.
Tires, a TV set, shade lounges, trash.

^Good bird hunting just minutes from Vegas.^
Wife gathering up trash while the son and I gather heavy junk.

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In the 80's there was a Travel Lodge right next door to Circus Circus, it was quiet with a nice pool but it was within walking distance. I think the buffet prices were 0.99, 1.99, and 2.99, and in those days the Sahara and Rivera were still really popular and there were a lot of smaller clubs. I would travel to California on business a few times a year and stayed at the Travel Lodge.

Here is a 1980 era video of Las Vegas
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The wife and I went t o Vegas for our 30th anniversary and stayed at Excalibur. Talk about a change in scenery! A ton of fast food places in the casino's and on the strip, new one and old one. BUT sill had a great time. We never make plans just "wander" and found new things and new places to look and do.
Circus-Circus was not to bad about ten years ago but it has really gone down hill but I think most of the old casino's are in the same boat.
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My friend and I stayed at the Luxor in the early 90's. Went across the street to the old Hacienda shortly before they blew it up. (Where the Mandalay Bay is now.) We wandered into sort of a hidden steakhouse inside called the Charcoal Room. It was pure "old" Vegas. The kind of place where you could easily imagine looking over and seeing Sinatra or Sonny Davis Jr (or even some real wise guys) in one of the booths. We each had the prime rib dinner, which came with about 8 courses, and the slab of PR was at least 2" thick, for about $50 apiece, including drinks. That was one of the best meals of my life.
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While in Vegas we checked this out. Really cool thing to do:

Ellis Island Hotel/Casino is still old school Vegas.
Free parking, excellent food at reasonable prices.
Legit BBQ joint full half rack of backs $15 ($9) with club card. "Each entrée is served with our Ellis Island root beer barbecue baked beans, corn on the cob, coleslaw and garlic bread."
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