Buckboard Bacon

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
Got my Buckboard bacon cure in on the 4th of October and put a butt on to cure on the 5th. Let it cure for the 10 day time period and smoked it yesterday with a handful of apple chips and a chunk of pecan. Man o Man. That is some fine tasting bacon. Here is a pic of the finished product, sorry I didn't get any pics of the butt during the cure or before I sliced it.

I always had issues with bacon being so fatty. Not anymore 8)
Hello Cajunsmoker,
I too just got my seasoning from High Mountain for Buckboard Bacon. I did the 10 day cure and smoked mine last week. I smoked mine with hickory and it also turned out great! What a wonderful taste. Looks like we'll be in good shape for good bacon for a while.
That bacon sure looks great...My catalogue from Hi Mountain just came in the mail yesterday...and I have already placed an order...can't wait now..

yo cajunsmoker,
was that a bone in butt??
or did you pull out the bone ,after smoked??
what temperature did you take the butt to??

man that really looks good!
Hi Larry,

It was a bone in Butt that I took the bone out of. I cured it 10 days and then smoked it to 140 degrees.

I just put 18 pounds on to cure yesterday. Used up all the cure I had left. We ate that first seven pounds in 3 days. (me, my 2 sons and an employee).

The cure only cost $3.50 and it was enough to cure 25 pounds of Butt.

Removing the bone is pretty difficult, but on these last 2 I saved all my scraps and have enough left to make 2#'s of sausage. 8)
did you separate the cure by weight??

does recipe tell you to remove bone??

im already thinking of stoping at local greasy spoon and asking
for a empty 5 gallom bucket.

food grade bucket for brining.

would a 3 gal food bucket hold 1 butt submerged??

im getting ready a order for alliedkenco.

buckboard is now on list.

is temp only to 140 degrees safe??

i see they have juniper berries now.
Hey Larry,

This is a dry cure. No brining. Just rub the cure on the meat and keep covered in the fridge for 10 days, turning over after 5 days. The cure is premixed and you use 1 TBSP and 1 1/4 tsp per pound of butt. Weigh the butt after removing the bone. Yes it tells you to remove the bone on the instructions. It also tells you to smoke the meat to 140. It is not fully cooked and you just fry it like regular bacon after that.

I have some juniper berries I ordered from Penzys spices that I made canadian bacon with. I didn't use them with this cause I wanted real country bacon taste.

As far as the bucket goes, I would think 3 gallon's would be plenty big. I have mine in a plastic tupperware container that I picked up a dollar store.
Larry and Cajun,
I'm sure the bucket would work but I used a gallon zip lock bag. Put the butt in (with the seasoning and cure) the bag. Press it down to eliminate exess air. Place it in the frig and turn after five days as Cajun mentioned. Works great! Good luck.
Not sure how this will go. Last of the latest pig going into the smoker this morning. Was successful with the two shoulders so fingers crossed again.
Thanks Larry, will give the mango the sniff test later today after I get these hog back ends smoking. Can someone give me the address ,email etc of the Hi Mountain or similiar mail order people. Very limited in this part of the world. I have been using normal ham cure for my bacon so I have a lot to learn from you blokes. Thanks

i order most of my sausage making and seasoning stuff from
these places.
these are U.S. of A. companies
www.alliedkenco.com ---they have buckboard bacon cure.
www.zachspice.com ---- i like these

if the shipping costs --
back and forth ,from u.s. to australia
are not to high to stop mail order business.
you could probably sell mango chips and chunks online.

a brother forum member ,
stave gaskin "the sausage fella" has a aussie business at,

My order from hi mountain will be here this week (thur.)
Whole pork loins are on sale this week...1.99/lb...picked up 2 ..12# pieces...one is in the freezer..the other is waiting for the buckboard .....I see that you used juniper berries...are they needed also??? or can I make the bacon from the loin without them...any advice would be greatly appreciated...Thank you..

Richard, I used butts for my bacon. The directions say you can use loin and make canadian bacon, but I didn't try that. I didn't use juniper berries in mine, I just responded to Larry about them.
I second the Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon seasoning/cure product. I followed the directions exactly and had no problem with deboning a butt and curing and smoking it. As a matter of fact, we had the bacon for breakfast this AM and it was delicious. I haven't tried a loin yet but the butt is great!
My order from Hi Mountain came in on Thursday...
Got the loin all trimmed and in the fridge with the Buckboard cure on it...the 12# loin trimmed out at 10#. cut it in half..to make 2...going to have a good supply of bacon for a while....maybe...
Question...Does any one have any thoughts on the grinder/stuffer that Hi Mountain has to offer?


Second attempt . Hi to you lucky blokes with the Buckboard Cure. Unhappily the good dr will not be sampling the produst. Sadly the forwarding people want $21 US to send a $5 US package down under. They cant do it for nothing, I know so will just let this one slip. Sad though.Converts to about $35 AU and I can see the good drs wife using the spare hooks in the cold room for another purpose if I go ahead. Not that I am a coward, just cautous. The first quote , must have been by private jet, was for $189 US.

I will continue with my home made rubs and brines,but will wistfully think of you blokes with the Buckboard Beauty. I still have not tried the mango. Been busy on other matters.
dr good

another option is to go to len poli's web page and i think he has a recipe for the buckboard bacon that you can make at home you can downlaod that as well as other recipes from him for free it is a cool web page here is the address http://home.pacbell.net/lpoli/ check it out hope this helps
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