buckboard bacon

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Jul 3, 2005
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hi all doing two pork butt buckboard bacons today used buckboard bacon cure for ten days now putting in smoker for 4-5 hours till temp reaches 140 bacon done enjoy the holidays everybody i know i will
Salmonclubber- I'd like to know more about this Buckboard bacon. Can you share some info on this or a link?

hello earl d
you can get the buckboard bacon season from hi mountian jerky season the web page is www.himtnjerky.com all instruction included it cost around 4 dollars and will season 25 pounds of meat it is the best bacon you ever tasted and best of all you make it yourself sorry it took so long to reply my computer crashed i got the blue screen of doom lost everything i am getting things back in order now you take care and have fun bye for now
Thanks salmon clubber-I've placed my order for the buckboard bacon cure and some jerky seasoning!! they should arrive sometime this week.

Thanks for sharing!

PS- I know what it's like to have a 'puter crash. I finally got my home 'puter up and running. My youngest son installed a download program for his MP3 player and when he had problems downloading music to it he uninstalled the program which also removed some critical Windows files needed to run the 'puter. :roll: Thank heavens for the 'puter at work!! :D
Got my Buckboard bacon cure today!! Looks like I'll have to make groceries this week and get a couple of pork butts. :D
hello earl d
i also recieved some bacon cure yesterday and i also purchesed some of there poultry brine it is also an excelent product i to need to make a grocery run looks like i will be doing a turkey in the near future will let you know how it turns out bye for now
Hey all,
I just took my first Buckboard Bacon out of the smoker. Naturally I had to throw a few slices into a skillet to see how things turned out. Dang near perfection!! The wife and I both agree that it beats any of the store bought stuff. The only complaint that I had was that it could have used a tad more smoke flavor. I didn't quite follow the directions in the package. Instead of leaving the butt cure for 10 days I left mine cure for 14 days. Mainly because I couldn't find the time to smoke it before that. I was alittle concerned that it may turn out too salty so I soaked it for 1 1/2 hours. Then into the smoker and brought the internal temp of the bacon up to 140. I used Hickory and a couple of briquetes of Kingsford. I can tell you now that this will be a regular on our table. I may experiment with the next one and try brushing a little liquid smoke on and then rubbing in the cure to see if that doesn't give me the additional smoke flavor I'm after. Have to run, it's time to wrap the ribs in foil. I had to fill the smoker with something, That Bacon looked so lonely in there all alone and besides I think it's against the law or something to fire up a smoker that's not full isn't it?
Have a good one.
Mike you lucky dog you-I've had I've have my Buckboard Bacon cure since the middle of Sept. and haven't had a chance to use it yet. I can remove a storage bin from the fridge and my curing container slides right in like it was made to fit, but the Bride doesn't want me to take up that much space in HER fridge for THAT long. I may have to break down and buy a used fridge to keep in the garage just to do my bacon cure and to keep my liquid refreshments cold. :D
I've been meaning to try this too.

Need to ask, do you need to bebone the butt first?
You guys have put a craving on me. I think I'll order up some of the bacon seasoning today. I'm going to be out of pocket for about a month but I'll let you know how it turns out when I get back.

Chicago Bill, If I recall from at least READING the instructions you debone the butt. I believe that you have the option of slicing the butt in half length wise (speeds up curing time) or leaving the butt boneless but basically whole.
Just my luck, I have probably the best ribs I've ever done in the smoker with an hour or so to go and we're under a sever thunderstorm and a tornado watch for the next 2 hours. The wind is picking up pretty good, about 25 mph right now with gusts up to 50 or 60 mph on the way. I planned a quiet evening with the wife, good ribs, rubbed a couple of taters with olive oil sprinkled with some Koser salt and a pan of her baked beans in the smoker. Figured on a good dinner and I picked up a good movie to watch. Yeah right! Now I'm in and out securing camper, patio furniture and everything else that's not bolted down. Oh well, could be worse, I could be out of gas for the smoker.
Mike-don't know what could be worse a tornado or a hurricane. Hope this thing blows away from you and FAST! :shock:
hello mike

glad to hear that the buckboard bacon turned out so well hope the ribs made it till dinnertime and did not blow away i have made several buckboard bacons never tried the liquid smoke before never had the need for it i have left the pork butt in the cure for 7 days at a time and as long as 21 days and they all turned out great i have also used different types of wood for smoke flavor such as apple and misqutte but i like hickory the best earl d i have also put the pork butt in the cure and sealed it up in a plastic bag and put it on ice in a cooler for 10 days it seemed to work out fine it saved room in the fridge for all the fish i was catching at the time and putting in the fridge well everyone i got to go you all take care and happy smoken to ya
Hi Salmonclubber,

As it turns out I may not need to try the liquid smoke after all. I smoked the bacon on Sunday then I put it in the fridge. I sliced it up tonight and it seemed like the smoke was stronger than it was yesterday. I think it'll be fine. Thanks for letting me know about the curing times, I'm actually glad that I left it cure for 14 days, I think it made it better. As for the ribs, they were fine. I took them out of the smoker about 15 minutes befor the strong winds hit.
Thanks again for the info......

It's gonna be a GOOD Holiday, the smokes gonna roll .The wife won't trust me with the Bird, seeing how I pretty much screwed up a turkey breast a little while back so I've got a couple other Little items to fill the smoker. first off I have two 5 pound butts cured and ready to smoke for Buckboard Bacon, and I stopped and picked up two nice racks of ribs, the fixin's for a dozen ABT's, and a fattie. I've never tried the ABT's or a fattie, it'll be a first for me. I keep reading about them here and you guys make them sound so good I just couldn't resist giving them a try. Well here's wishing a safe and smokey holiday to all the folks in the forum.

hi mike
i just did some ribs and some fattys and brats and some abts on sunday i also did the kick ass baked beans that are posted in the sides section of the forum they all turned out excellent it was 55 degrees a nice clear day sunny and warm not many days like it in november here in the rain forest it was awesome i hope you and yours have a nice thanksgiving take care
happy thanksgiving everyone
Successful smoke.
2 Buckboard Bacons, 2 racks of ribs, a fattie, some skinnies, and a dozen ABT's. Everything came out beautiful. First time I ever done the fattie and the ABT's, very good. I wanted to let everyone know that I experimented a little with the Buckboard bacon. When I rubbed the butts with the High Mountain cure I added some liquid smoke and cured the butts for 14 days. After they had cured I soaked the butts for an hour in water then I dried them off and rubbed them with a light coat of dark brown sugar. I smoked them with Hickory and kingsford, about 3 1/2 hours until the internal temp was 140. That was last night, I left them set up in the fridge over night and this morning sliced off about a half pound for breakfast. This has to be the best bacon I've ever had, the addition of the liquid smoke and the brown sugar was just what was needed. I'll never go back to the store bought stuff.

Okay, now I have a question.

I just read Earl's description of how to debone the butt in another thread here.

So to be clear, when rubbing with the cure, do you rub it down with the stuff, AND THEN tie it back up with cotton string (so it is curing inside and out for X days), and then untie to rinse off the cure, or is it tied, and cured, and rinsed (not removing string)?

Or, for the "bacon", do you not even retie it at all, but smoke it as a "flatter" cut of meat versus a butt shaped piece?

Next time one of you guys try these, snap a pic or two during the process please.
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