Brrrr.....Pork Shoulder and baby backs w/Q

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Meat Mopper
Original poster
Sep 7, 2013
Michigan's little Bavaria
Been waiting too long to get this out, finally got a day that wasn't too cold for me!

Picked up a little under 4lb bone in shoulder and couple racks of ribs as Kroger is running a pretty good sale. The shoulder is in, ribs will are rubbed and in the fridge, they will hit the smoke this afternoon. Probably add a few burgers to the mix as well.

More to come

Running a steady 215-225 with a thin smoke......perfect!
Some Q at 2 and 4 hrs on the shoulder, and about 1 1/2 hrs on the ribs. Basted about every hour with Captain Morgan and orange juice.....hhmm, why didn't I sample some of that??? Turned temp up to about 240 for an hour and the shoulder is at 152, foiled the ribs and will be adding a few burgers in a bit. Outside temp has been mid 20's but the breeze a breeze is starting to kick up.

Shoulder rub

Capt Morgan

Cider Vinegar

Garlic & Onion powders



A few shakes of Steak/Chop seasoning

Dash of Cayenne

Tad of mustard powder

Ribs rub

Dr Pepper

Orange juice

Brown Sugar


Garlic & Onion powders


Tad of Mustard Powder


dash of Cayenne

Mustard on both then the rub.

Now off to mix up some sauce...
Whoa.....I'll be using the Captain Morgan & orange juice base again for a rub. My first time smoking pulled pork and it came out fantastic! My 9 year old couldn't keep his hands out of it with no saude and the dog, well, I think his nose is still in overdrive.

Check out that smoke ring.

Todays wood - Apple & Cherry chunks, a couple of Kingsford Mesquite briquettes, and some Peach chips sprinkled in from time to time.

looks good.
 How long did it take ya?
Thanks Husker, after resting it was about 11 hrs. I put it in the smoker at 1130am, at 6.5 hrs and 163 I foiled, then about 30 minutes later put it in the oven at 245, pulled it when IT was 193 and rested for an hour. The smoker ran most of the day at 200-225, late afternoon was running about 245 then dropped back to 200 - probably because I was working the ribs and put in some hamburger towards the end. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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