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Jul 15, 2013
North Carolina
I am a fairly new I have done 3 pan smoked briskets that came out good, I want to try something different. I have an 18 inch smoke vault and a 12 lb brisket that is about 20 inches long I have an area about 15 x 15 inside my smoker.should I trim it down or cut in half? If I cut in half I would have 2 6lb would I smoke. Them 1and half hour for 6 lb or 12 lb ?:grilling_smilie:
If you do cut them in half and they are 6lbs then they'll cook like 2 6lb briskets and not 1 12. So calculate your times for 6lbs and not 12.

you could also try using butchers twice and tie it up into a U shape because it'll gradually shrinks as it cooks and fat renders out. I have not personally tried this but if i was lacking the space i would give it a try
Thanks I think I will cut it in half and try 2 different rubs,great idea using the butchers twineThumbs Up
Be sure to understand that if you are cutting a packer in half, the point will only be on one of the pieces, and will take more time to cook, even if the two pieces end up weighing approximately the same. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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