Brisket Update - with qview now included

Discussion in 'Beef' started by vt dukhntr, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. I worked all night last night, only slept a couple hours today so I'm a bit fried.  BUT  I have seasoned my first ever brisket.  Little flat that I picked up today at the grocery store.  Only fat trimmed was a part thicker than the rest.

    I snapped some Q-View, I'll post that in the morning aftrer I get everything in the smoke.  I'll make some updates as the day goes by.  That way the guys checking in from work can live vicariously through my thread.

    Also have some wings in brine, overnight might be long for wings, but its done.  Also, was curious about some duck.  I had a half of a mallard skin on boneless (except leg bone) that I plan to toss in the smoker also.  Curious how it will turn out.  Wings and duck will wait to go on until later in the day.  I think last time I did wings I tossed them in for about 3 hours while a roaster smoked.  SHould be good eats

    My wife thought it was odd that I was taking pictures of the seasoned brisket.

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  2. sprky

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    LOL my wife thinks I am weird as well, taking pics of  the prep and raw meat.

  3. And my hubby thinks I'm off my rocker when I do it!
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    Sounds like a great start!
  5. Got my brisket all set for the fridge..  Just a basic rub, nothing too fancy

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  6. Here it is all wrapped up nice for the evening in the cold.


    Few wings in brine that will hit the smoker inthe afternoon a couple hours before dinner is ready.  Can't see it, but I have my 1/2duck in there also.


    Woke up this morning and got the wife and daughter out the door.  Fired up the smoker earlier and now have my first ever brisket in the smoker.


    Need to run to the grocery store.  Didn't realize we were out of all the veggies that I need to put in the pan for the AuJus recipe from Chef JJ or Chef J, whatever his sign on was????(please don't be offended, I'm new here and have only seen your posts a few times)

    More to come, I'll post more later for all those guys at work today.  (shift work has its benefits)
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  7. On a side note, posting pictures makes me realize I need to clean the fridge out.  Dirty dirty dirty!!!
  8. Ok, we have been smoking for a while.  I read that some wait til 175 for foil, so I did the same (even though others said 160).  Enjoy the q-view of my Au Jus and Brisket.  [​IMG][​IMG]
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    You just made me hungry, Well done
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    Looking good [​IMG]

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