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brisket to pastrami or cornd beef

Discussion in 'Beef' started by cdg3354, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. Ok. Been looking and reading about . Pastrami and cornd beef. What's the difference. I mean I know the two are totally different but how do I make them myself. Wife wants me to try both but not sure the difference or how to start suggestions
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    For a short summary,

    1 - Brisket/Navel + Curing (with a specific spice profile #1) + Braised/Boiled = Corned Beef.

    2 - Brisket/Navel + Curing (with spice profile #1) = Corned Beef + Extended Soak + Smoked (with spice profile #2) + Steamed = Pastrami.

    Pastrami is a process, not a specific product, and many things can be "Pastramied". Examples would be poultry (goose, duck, turkey breasts), fish (salmon, sturgeon filets), lamb/mutton/goat (leg, shoulder), pork (loin or belly), etc. In certain parts of the Middle East, "Pastramied" camel is prized.

    More often than not the pastrami found in the delis of large chain grocery stores are made from top or bottom round.
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