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Apr 27, 2017
South Louisiana-Yes, it is HOT
New Grocer opened up locally. They are having a Grand opening and marked briskets down for the opening.

One phone call to the guys at the firehouse is all it took and I had a nice brisket delivered to my door.

Trimming it up tonight, will hit the pit early in the morning. Gonna cook this one during the day Saturday then wrap and hold for serving Sunday For the guys. I'll be working on the boat I just nav. lights, running new wire too. Also rewiring the boat trailer and installing the onboard charger. Bunch of punch list stuff to knock out too. Pics. early when she hits the smokehouse!
Gonna smoke to probably 190ish INT then pull and wrap for the long hold. Can always bump the heat up in the oven right before serving if she's not tender enough....
I'm sure they will appreciate the good eats.

Thanks Jim!

Lucky dog there Kieth. Get after it.
Thanks Eric. Will be busy outside all day working on the boat and doing yard work so not a big hassle running the smokehouse while I work....just line her out and let her eat wood....
Brisket went in the smokehouse @ 7:15am. Was shooting for 7am, but had to round up a propane tank and some other stuff I needed to run the smokehouse. Had a new carport installed so everything was packed up in the shed.

The star of the show...trimmed up and seasoned...


Removing the 4d nails from the outer jets on my burner to allow higher temps. 250-275*F. I like to smoke Brisket around 265*F...

Just noticed I forgot to take a pic. of it on the grate...Doh!! LOL!!
Well, here is a pic. of my new SS. prep table. First time using it..gonna work out great! (And the project for the day in the background...rewire trailer lights...

Let's roll some smoke! Be done 12-14 hours from now I reckon. This one is fairly thick....smoking with white oak today. I love oak on brisket!
Off to a great start and glad to see that SS table in action! Now that's a deal I'm looking for!

Been busy working on the boat trailer. Just got done with that...of course it was corrosion on a ground. But went ahead and changed the lamps too....had one side with only 1 LED lamp working for running lights.

Here is a pic. @10:30am when I added more wood chunks...

Pic. @1pm when I added more wood chunks and stuck the meat probe in the brisket....

She's right at 174*F so this brisket is rolling right fast! Might dial the heat back a little and let her ease up on 190ish to wrap and hold.
Checked with a probe @190*F INT about an hour ago. Needs to go a little more so will check it again here soon. Almost tender enough to wrap. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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