Allnighter Packer Brisket Smoke for the Firehouse...

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Nice work . Man the plated pic has my mouth watering .
That looks fantastic .
Boy that does look good Keith. Nicely done.

Point for sure
The brisket looks like it came out great for all the guys! The potatoes look delicious with the au jus. I’m usually a volcano with the gravy in the middle kind of guy, but I could get behind those costal flooding with gravy potatoes! No such thing as too much.
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Thank you guys for the kind words. The firefighters enjoyed the meal. but they had to wait to eat it...major wreck on the interstate with 3 fatalities right as we were getting ready to start serving. They were on scene for a while.
No I am not a fireman. My first cousin is a district Captain and he is like a brother to me. I cook for them, they cook for's a win/win since I am a single guy.
Gotcha. I have a cousin like that too.
EDIT: Damn! That looks good.
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