Brisket "Ribs"

Discussion in 'Beef' started by kon90, Sep 2, 2013.

  1. A local grocery store with an impressive meat selection has been selling pieces of brisket and chuck which are cut into "short ribs" which look something like country style pork ribs cut from the butt terms of shape and size (maybe an inch and bit thick and 3-4 inches long?) 

    I was planning on smoking them on the webber one touch silver over a pan of water using the minion method and some cherry wood, along with a pork butt strip char siu style tomorrow.

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks? Hoping for around a 5 hour cook if the gods are willing, the butt strip will be around 2 inches thick and 7 long and I will be smoking it to slice rather than pull. 

    Does anyone have any tips or tricks? Suggestion for an it for the brisket tips? I was hoping to get them fairly tender like a smoked country style rib, but maybe I should grab the chuck "ribs" if this is my goal?
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    I would give the 3-2-1 method a shot on those brisket ribs. The Char Siu just smoke strait up until tender. They will be done around 165*F but get more tender the longer you go...JJ

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