Brisket question

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Aug 13, 2016
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Ok I have a question, by a large margin, most of the supermarket butchers carry only the flat either in cryo bags or normal packaging. Rarely the whole packard. When just the flat is removed and packaged, What is the Point cut into / sold as?

Ive made burnt ends from the flat before and while good, not great. If your whole purpose was to make burnt ends could you just buy the points?
All depends on the area.  Here in the south (Texas), whole briskets are the norm in COV.  Some are opened up and split the point from the flat (usually only leakers before they turn brown).

In the northern states brisket is now finally gaining popularity, but more as split tips/flats.
Check with Restaurant Depot/Gordon Food Service/similar type in your area. Also check Wally/Costco/Sams for whole packers. Some will, some won't (area/region dependent), so may be worth a phone call or ten to save yourself from chasing all over the place. I can get prime packers cheaper than choice at Costco--go figure.

We sometimes separate the point and flat after the flat is done and let the point go longer to render more of the fat down: flat is obviously leaner. Then we'd use the flat for sliced and the point for chopped: for lack of better terms, chopped is kinda like brisket's version of pulled pork but not pulled. Chopped. Other times, we'll slice everything intact, it just depends on how fatty the point appears. Don't think the point lends itself very well to burnt ends because of the higher fat content imho. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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