Brisket question

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Dec 31, 2010
So I started my 8 lb brisket last night and kept smoke on it all night - just opened to check temp at 12 hours and it is at 195 - so basically done.   problem is I expected it to take a lot longer and my company isn't coming over for dinner for another 10 hours.  I need suggestions on how I can keep this or warm it back up when the guests arrive?  Any help is appreciated

I would maybe turn the smoker down and prolong the smoke as long as you can. Then put it into the cooler with as much towels that you can. The meat will stay hotter with the more toels you can pack into the cooler. Also I would insert a probe thermo unit into the meat so you can monitor the temp. I have kept meat in the cooler for almost 6 hours and it be really hot to.
I agree you can keep the meat hot for many many hours in the cooler but 10 hours seems like a long time. If you can drop the temps on the smoker and creep the meat up to some where around 205 you can hopefully buy yourself some time then get it in that cooler with double or tripple foil and lots of towels and let it rest. 
Now I've taken a few minutes to think about it here are the options I came up with

1) Wrap in tin foil and put in fridge and 2 hour before warm up with either smoker or oven at 200 degrees

2) possibly turn smoker down to 190 and just leave in smoker for next 8 hours
To keep it from turning to mush I would cool it out.

About 2 hours prior to feed it, pan it and add a little beef broth to the bottom of the pan... bring it back up to 165 F in a 275 F heat source.  Oven or smoker.

In the catering company I keep a bucket of charcoal and some wood chips.  I will light it off outside prior to guests starting to arrive.  If the outside smells of charcoal and wood smoke burning the body starts the H2 reaction which will tell the brain I want to eat cause this smells good.  (More marketing than cooking, but works real well for setting the expectation.) is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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