Brisket Phase Two

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Original poster
May 2, 2016
Forgive me for skipping Role Call,
My name is BFox from NE PA. Question on Burnt Ends? I've planned my smoke out for Sunday's brisket and going to take my flat to 190 then removing the point, cubing and add back to drip pan with a little sauce mixed in. Question is at what temp and how long should I leave these Ends on for? Bonus question. When I wrap my flat and tuck her into bed for a few hours after pulling at 190 what should I expect in temp fluctuations since I cut into it to remove the point? Up a little or straight falling from there.

Kamado Joe Classic
I leave the burnt ends on until they are probe tender. 

I would also put the flat back on the smoker, because at 190 it's not going to be tender.

Probably need to go to between 195-205 to get probe tender.

Also would you swing by "Roll Call" & introduce yourself.

Then we can all give you a proper welcome!

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