Brisket over open fire

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Dec 6, 2020
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Yes, there are other ways of cooking brisket besides smokin' them.
Here I'm grilling a small Dexter brisket (about 3 lbs) on a santa maria open fire pit.
I used mostly oak wood with a couple of logs of mesquite for that Texas flavor.
Cooked about 4 hours at 8-11 hand seconds (maybe 225-250F).
Then wrapped in foil for 1 hour in 275 oven.
And finally a 2 hour hold/rest.
Very tender and juicy.
Great flavor.
Definitely not the traditional Texas smoke (which I love). Cannot quantify difference but will do this again.

Trim brisket

start wood fire in santa maria grill and let burn down

cook brisket at low temp, using a lid to help trap smoke and heat

developing some color and starting to look good, let's probe for tenderness
IMG_8723 (1).jpeg

and how about some shrimp on the barbi while waiting for the brisket to rest

finally it's time to slice it up, 7 hours total

what more can I say
IMG_8735 (1).jpeg

I love Texas style smoked brisket. But now I got another way of doing it.
thanks for looking


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Looks tasty to me! I love all the different methods I am seeing on this site!! So fun seeing everyones ideas and great BBQ!!
Love that SM cooker. And totally love the cooks you do on it.
I'd not mind a slab of that cook.

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