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Discussion in 'Beef' started by barrelcooker, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Hey what's up I'll be smoking a brisket on my offset smoker. It's a 22.5 x 33.5 in barrel. Has a 10in heat shield to guard my meat. Lately I have been smoking like crazy. I have had this smoker for less than 6 months and I am starting to master it. 1 master the environment. Cook in snow, wind, hot days, and rainy days, and in comps. All smokes turn out good. With minimal effort these days. Has more than 50 cooks under its belt with many dry run tests. My firebox I insulated with a cast iron coal grate and 6 firebrick that sit on top to make a box shape. It also worked fine with 4 bricks. Got these bricks at Home Depot and 6 others that are in my cc from a stove specialty store. Rated over 2000. Before I had to get my fire in my firebox raging hot to heat my food. Now I use minimal fuel and I think it gets too hot bc I must damper my fire down. Temps running at 275 I can't leave my damper open for a fear of a 450 degree cc. This isn't a problem now that I have learned to control this. Making my fb more stable for longer cooks. Walk away time really only means what kind of temp swing u want to have on your Offset. Mine being 25 degrees. Now getting back to my brisket.
    14.6 pound brisket.trimmed about 2-3pounds off and croze the scraps.
    Preheated smoker to 300 then let it coast down to 225 and added the brisket on. Smoking low intil my smoke ring is nice and big should take about an hour for smoke ring to appear.
    Seasoned with this
    It is also 14 degrees f outside right now. Cruising along low and slow 200-225 until my ring is done.
    Bumped the heat up to 250-275 the rest of the cook. Once it teach 150 texas crunch until o got woke up at 800 temp alarm that my meat was 198 and rising.
    Pulled at 200 meat topped out at 207.
    Was hungry for breakfast so i sliced some glT and some point took it for lunch. Yum! Sliced pics will com tonight.

    Meat checked it 125f (picture)
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    Defiantly a cold one out this morning...good luck with your brisket!!
    Stay Warm!
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    Put the brisket on at 11 30 finished at 8 00.....
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    Hmm some questions answered today about what inhibited my smoke ring. A friend who owns a bbq restaruant suggested it was because of the use of the oil before my rub. I mean i cooked 6 hours in a stick burner with very little to no smoke ring.
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    Not sure why you don't have any smoke ring. What kind of wood was you smoking with?
    Have you got smoke rings in the past when you smoked meats?
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    im not sure the wood im using has any effect on smoke ring. Even though some woods release more gasses used to form this ring. I regularly use red oak logs and black cherry logs for every cook. Recently i have been loosing my smoke ring. But also to note i started using oil instead of mustard to pre rub. And the rub used was pretty low on salt. Also had zero sugar in my rub. Again mr bbq restaurant said to use a fine crystal sugar/powder to crisp that bark up. I almost always get a smoke ring, i chaged to veg oil last month and will no longer use for a pree rub. I was told a salting to draw myowater out is all thats meats have always had a smoke ring until recently and i got the pics to prove!!!
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    That's very interesting. I didn't realize that the wood or the rub you use would affect the smoke ring. I bet Chef Jimmy has the answer. I'm sure he'll chime in soon. By the way the brisket sure looks good. With or without a smoke ring.

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    Smoke rings have no taste anyways. Purely cosmetic. When I switched to the MES 40 electric I lost the smoke ring. Doesn't matter. Tastes the same.
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    How warm was the brisket when you put it on the smoker?

    Many times if you let it come up to room temp you will not get a smoke ring. Putting the brisket on a hot smoker while it is still cold will help to form a deeper smoke ring.
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    brisket went on out of the fridge
  13. barrelcooker

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    I have no complaints about my brisket. Except for criticizing myself on my holy smoke ring
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    Oil stops the water soluable myowater.
    Sodium nitrit is what forms the smoke ring. A hot fire above 1200 is ideal for the fire to emit nitrogen. A wood fire burnes in 4 stages so it has 4 stages so when burned hotter release differnt gasses contained in the wood. Also charcoal has nitrogen levels slightly higher than wood because of binders and so in theory could have a deeper redder ring or mixed with wood can produce intense rings. Humidity also plays a factor if the surface of the meat is to dry smoke will not stick. Same knowledge applies when cleaning with a wet rag verses a dry rag dust will stick more to the moist rag than the dry. If the surface is to dry then no ring. Reading that article above stated that mopping meat with water and apple bassed juice 50/50 acheived the largest smoke ring in likly conditions. Oil dry surface of meat and no water pan for the first hour stapped my smoke ring in its tracks.again does not make it taste different but looks awsome.also smoke passes through butcher paper and bags that allow air to flow. Smoke flavor even if you cook a wrapped brisket in butcher papper,the whole entire cook will have smoke flavor and a smoke ring. Why? Smoke particles in thin blue smoke are just as tiny as light particles allowing them to

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