brinkmann smoking'n grill

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Jul 6, 2007
Two years ago a buddy of mine gave me a charcoal smoker and grill.I really haven't had much luck with this brickmann. I just can't seem to get the temp to stay right its always is warm or ideal and starts to drop after its ideal. Iam open for ideas to try or sould give to some one and let them have a shot at it. I would really like to a concrete block smoker i think i would have better luke. HOGS BREATH IS BETTER THAN NO BREATH AT ALL
first, buy a real thermometer to put in the lid- close to the rack (just above it is ideal). did he give you everything that comes with it? ie, charcoal grid, the diffuser plate? turn the diffuser plate upside down, under the charcoal grid. that will help some. also, how much charcoal/wood you using? i don't have the brinkman, but i have looked at it (last night in fact). i am sure someone that has the smoker you have will be here soon, and be able to help you better.
Hey chris thanks for some feed back. it has the charcoal and water pan non elect smoker both racks and that sucky temp gauge maybe its me n/a
Here's the link for the modifications I made to my ECB. Temperature control is much better. The description comes first. The pictures are down a few postings.

I have a hunk of pig in mine right now. The temperature has been steady since 4:00am. It's 1:30 as I type. I have had to add charcoal and water about 3 times so far.
I've got one of these and have already made two mods....I replaced the thermometer with a good one and left the original hole open for more air flow and drilled 15 holes in the charcoal pan for better air movement below the coals. I use this little smoker [I've got three] for quick smoke-cooking at home and away from the house. I have yet to smoke anything big in it, but I want to make some more mods and try soon.
this is biger better than life in 6months i will have the best pic S of the week. SOUTHWESTERN OHIO FEATHERS FINS AND FURS. Web site coming soon. HOGS BREATH IS BETTER THAN ON BREATH AT ALL
Outback -

Brinkman makes a lousy thermometer but they can be calibrated with the tiny nut on the back of the faceplate for what you consider "Ideal." Without numbers it doesn't help much though.

You can replace it with one from WalMart or Lowes or even Home Depot that has temperatures not colors and words.

I also have a dial thermometer that hangs down from a tiny hole drilled in the top of my Brinkman ( aka ECB) water smoker and lands jusy about at the top grate level.

There are some mods you can do to the ECB all I did was to drill about 12 - 1/8" holes around the lid and about 6 around the sides and it works great!

I also use two wire fryer baskets to hold the charcoal about 8 to 10 at a time. When the coals get down to hot embers I just put 8 to 10 new coals in the second basket and dump the hot embers on top and I'm good for another 2 to 3 hours. I set 3 to 4 wood chunks outside the baskets just touching the hot coals and they slowing smolder away.

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