brinkmann offset smoker with oklahoma joe features and very heavy steel and angle iron

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  1. I have a smoker that I have almost made into a oklahoma joe , Custom 3/16 inner and outer rolled steel welded in (replaced rotted out meat ) Ihave replace the very thin inner metal between the firebox and smoker drum , 1/4 plate steel , gonna add a deflector shield from the firebox to the smoker drum for better heat control and no hot spots . weled the firebox to the drum ,welded the leggs to the drum , all new angle inside the drum and round bar 1/2 thick for holding a ton of weight and food , made the heating tray on the firebox ( hand made ) , I am needing to finish the shelving for the drum and lower wood storage . This is a one off smoker and I am proud of the changes that I have made to it and there is a price for quality (just go look at oshmans ) thin mwtal and no long life , This unit will and should be a life time smoker , I am thinking of adding a propane log lighter to this unit and can do it but it will bring the price up do to the labor and parts  . thanks for looking and god bless

    carl brooks
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