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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by heubrewer, Nov 12, 2014.

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    Every year I grill/smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving on my Weber Kettle Grill. Usually just rub the turkey down with OO add, SS, black pepper etc. However I have been reading about brining items prior to smoking.

    My salmon has been turning out great after brining so I am thinking of brining the turkey beforehand

    When brining do you still season your turkey after brining, or is the brine the seasoning as well?

    My turkeys have been very moist, before, what additional flavor/moisture/texture does brining give you over a standard rub?

    Thanks in advance I appreciate all the help everyone has given to date for my pork, beef and salmon smokes

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  2. I often Brine, inject,then rub, maybe fallowed by a slather. The only thing for sure about the brine is the salt and water. After that you can add about anything you want. Herbs are good. I use garlic butter with Obay seasoning for most of my injections. The rub and slather can be about anything.

    After a good long rest after smoking when you cut it it is so full of juice.

    Happy smoken.

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    Be sure you stick to the 165*F IT in the Breast. [​IMG]
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    If I brine I don't inject.  I do, however, add rub.  As David noted, watch your temps.

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