Brick and CMU smoker

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Feb 19, 2017
Started a new smoker and since I'm using CMU was wondering about waterproofing the block. Does anyone have any ideas about something that can withstand the heat? I'm leaning towards an asphalt based material near grade and CMU dealer above grade. But am concerned about the effects of the heat. Here's some pictures so you will know what I'm building.
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The level claims it's plumb. The ground is falling to the left at about 1/2"/1' so it could be an optical illusion. I intend to veneer it with the bricks that are stacked in front after I apply some waterproofing so that would allow me to fix it if it were leaning.
Im a masonry contractor, thoroseal makes some great waterproofing products. If you wanted to stick some thin stone to the exterior, laticrete makes a water proof product that their thin set bonds to. It really depends on what you want the exterior to be, there are techniques for every situation. 
When building pizza ovens its fairly important to insulate them or the heat will absorb into the masonry and the oven wont come up to temp. Its also important that the oven doesnt get wet or you will super heat the water, make steam and crack the masonry. 

On the inside of the smoker you might want to look at this product, or similar, , applied an inch thick it will offer some decent insulation. 

You can also make a similar product using heatstop50 and perlite mixed together. 
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