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Bresaola 22 days in the cure, moving onto phase 2

Discussion in 'Curing' started by Holly2015, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. After 22 day in the cure its onto the curing chamber, but 1st...……
    Assemble the 3 Bresaola, hooks, scale, wine, scissors, tape, parchment paper, sharpie marker, pencil, paper towels and wine

    Cut the bags open and rinse under cold water to remove any spices and or cure

    Break out the wine and give them a good coating.
    Bresaola's soaking for a few minutes while I get the parchment paper rolled out onto the counter and the scale setup
    Meat weighed and weight transferred to the parchment paper
    Meats all weighed out and onto making the tag
    One side of the tag is marked with date out of the cure and weight on that date
    Flip side of the tag is the target finish weight
    Here's the recipe, initial weights, out of the cure weight and target weight. As the weeks roll along I'll re-weight the meats and track the loss.
    I also like to faux laminate the tags with packing tape once the pertinent info is filled out. If you don't do this and the tags rests against the meat before the surface dries it will not be legible. Ask me how I know. This little add step save some headache down the road.
    Tags are now married to the meat via hooking the loop on the trussing. ready for hanging
    Into the curing chamber set at 57 degrees and 80% relative humidity for the next 12+/- weeks
    In lieu of spraying with bactroferm 600 solution tomorrow I'm going to try mold harvesting again. I'll put on clean gloves and wipe my hands down the already molded meats in the chamber to get spores on the gloves. Then wipe my hand over the "fresh" Bresaola's to transfer the spores. I may also just let one ride naked and see what happens.
  2. RhoneRanger

    RhoneRanger Newbie

    What temp do you air dry at? This looks like something I would like to try.
  3. Scott Eisenbraun

    Scott Eisenbraun Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    What do you use for a curing chamber? And do you have to control temp and humidity?
  4. I run the chamber at 57 degrees ad 80% relative humidity.

    Here's a curing chamber build thread I put together. You can use a refrigerator, freezer, beverage cooler. Really anything with mechanical cooling. For the curing chamber you need to be able to control 4 things:

    1. Heating
    2. Cooling
    3. Humidification
    4. Dehumidification